Frequently Asked Questions About New Lawns and Sod Installation

Watering your newly sodded lawn is important in warm weather, learn more by reading our new lawn maintenance guide

What does the price of turf cost per square foot?

The average price of turf in Vancouver, depending on the type of sod you wish to purchase is explained in the link below, be sure to get an accurate price for your sod job by using the tools found in the menu bar of our website or the second link below. You can pick up turf if you have a vehicle that can handle the weight. The weight of sod will vary with the weather.

If you are looking to have your old lawn removed and re-sodded we normally charge based on square footage anywhere between $2.50-$4.00 per square foot. Small areas will be closer to $4.00-$6.00 whereas larger areas will be close to $2.00 per square foot. We offer service within a week and instant estimates for your new lawn project.

You can get a price quote for just purchasing the turf from BC Instant Lawns by clicking the button below. We can provide you with the cost of turf per square foot delivered to your door.

How much does sod cost if I do it myself or have you install it for me?

The cost of sod and sodding a new lawn is given to immediately when you complete a request for a quote below:

How much does sod / turf weigh?

Each sod roll will weigh a minimum of 8 lbs. and in wet weather may weigh up to 100 lbs. 

How big are the sod rolls? What are the size of the turf rolls?

Each roll is 2′ by 4’5″. At BC Instant Lawns we sell the sod in square feet and do the conversion for you. There is no need to convert square feet to rolls anymore. Most farms do not sell a true square yard or meter so doing a conversion becomes a pain. All you need to do is measure your area in square feet, we do the rest.

How do I convert my area size to the amount of sod rolls I need?

You no longer need to convert your area size to sod rolls. We do the conversion for you. All you need to know is the square footage of your lawn area. Calculate this by measuring your lawn in FEET. Take the length x width = Square Footage. Many times, by simply pacing the area out is as accurate as a tape measure, 1 pace is equivalent to about 3 feet for most people.

Where can I buy sod near me in Vancouver / Richmond / Langley / Surrey / Coquitlam / Delta / West Vancouver / North Vancouver / Burnaby / Abbotsford / Squamish / Whistler?

You may purchase sod directly from BC Instant Lawns in Vancouver, we also sell many other new lawn related products. Please see the menu (navigation bar on this page for complete options). If you’re asking where you can buy sod near me? You no longer have to look around, BC Instant Lawns covers the entire Lower Mainland of British Columbia.

How much soil does a new lawn require?

The ideal lawn should be constructed with at least 3” of a well draining topsoil, 4-6 inches would be best. It all depends on the exisitng sub layer below your exisiting sod. The soil itself should contain at least 70% sand and the sub grade should be self draining. Soils that contain high volumes of wood chips and organic matter should be avoided. Soils that contain paper recycling waste and have a strong odor should be avoided as well. In most cases topsoil today is manufactured from compost, be sure to ask your supplier the contents of the soil and ensure the composting process is complete. A soil analysis with a neutral ph balance should be requested from your supplier.

If you are completing a lawn replacement, normally 3 inches will be enough for a good quality new lawn.

How much does a good quality turf blend or garden blend soil cost delivered in Vancouver?

BC Instant Lawns offers on-line pricing for turf blend and garden blend soil. You may also place an order for delivery anywhere in the Vancouver area, Whistler / Squamish Vancouver Island and the Okanagan. 

What type of Sod does my property need?

All turf varieties offered from BC Instant Lawns and Landscapes are recommended seed types for the moderate climate of the British Columbia, Lower Mainland. Selecting a variety of grass should consider the following: Hours of sunlight your property is exposed to all year round, wear and tear from usage and how much maintenance you are willing to give your new lawn. For lawns the receive less than 70% sunlight, a shade sod would be best suited for your property. For heavy duty play and animals, the bluegrass sod would be the best choice. For low maintenance the shade turf would be ideal but only after the new lawn has established itself. It is not recommended to mix varieties of turf on a property.

When can I install sod?

Sod can be installed in Vancouver all year round except when the ground is frozen or flooded.

What is sod?

Yes, sod is a term used for pre-grown grass rolls, turf rolls, lawn rolls, garden turf, nursery sod or nursery lawn. BC Instant Lawns can delivery or you can pick up from the farm in most places of British Columbia.

Where can I pick up sod?

Sod can be picked up from our farm locations in Abbotsford, BC. and sometime in Langley. We also may have sod pick up in Surrey / Delta and perhaps at one of our job sites in Vancouver. Call us to determine the pick up location closest to you.

When is a good time to plant a new lawn / best time to lay sod?

Planting a new lawn may be done in any season. Turfgrass is available year round from the sod farm except when the ground is frozen. The ideal time to plant a new lawn is during growing seasons although many lawns are planted throughout the year. If your lawn is planted during the winter the roots will begin to take as soon as the temperature rises. Frost will not hurt the new lawn. 

For more information please see:

What is the wait time until BC Instant Lawns and Landscapes can install my new lawn or landscape?

In most cases BC Instant Lawns and Landscapes can start installation of your new lawn or landscape within 1 week.

Is there a sod farm near me?

Yes, the sod farm is located in Abbotsford and Langley. We may also have pick up in Vancouver, Surrey and Delta depending on the time of year. We offer delivery service throughout the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island and the Okanagan. Please place your order online before picking up sod, we will need time to prepare your order. Sod is harvested to order and not just sitting around.

What is un-netted turf?

Most new lawns contain a plastic netting that is non-biodegradable, although some farms now use a degradable netting. The netting is used when planting a field , the roots of the turfgrass adhere to the netting allowing the turfgrass to be harvested with ease. Many homeowners may not be aware of the netting until a bare patch has developed in the lawn. Un-netted turfgrass does not contain a plastic netting. Many homeowners now request un-netted turfgrass due to the problems that may occur in the future with the plastic meshing.

How Long does it take for the sod to root?

Sod will root in about 10-14 days or less during warm weather (Growing Season). During dormant times the sod will have limited rooting. If you plant a new lawn in the winter, don’t forget to water it during dry periods.

Is there a low maintenance turf that requires less water?

Yes! But only after your new lawn has established. The shade type turfgrass is deep rooting and will require less watering in the future once the root system has firmly established itself. Shade turf thrives well in the shade compared to the other grasses and will also do well in full sunlight areas. Deep rooting will take at least one year of growth.

How long does a new lawn project take?

Most new lawns replacements and new installations can be completed in 1-3 days.

How long does it take to get an on site lawn or landscape estimate if you are not near me?

We give you an instant estimate online. Please use the link below. You will need to measure your lawn area as your price will depend on your lawn area size.

Can I lay a new lawn over an existing lawn or partial existing lawn area?

It is not recommended to lay new sod over an existing lawn area. New lawns should be prepared with a proper soil base so the roots of the sod will be able to penetrate through. You may have short term success with laying new sod over an existing lawn or on poor soil but in the long run problems may occur. New lawns should be planted on a minimum of 3″ of a sandy soil.

What about watering restrictions in my area and watering my new lawn?

In most municipalities and regions watering restriction exemptions are made for new lawns by purchasing a watering permit. During periods of severe weather a complete watering ban may be in place and lawns are installed after the the ban is lifted. The most critical watering phase will be immediately after the new lawn is installed (10-14 days) until the sod has rooted into the soil. After the 10-14 day period watering can be backed off to more normal levels.

How thick are sod rolls?

Sod thickness is about 1″ to 1.5″ thick. When preparing the soil near the sidewalk or driveway the soil should be raked out 1″ below the height of the border.

How Long can turf / sod be rolled up for?

Sod may be rolled up during cool weather for upto 3 days. During hot weather a maximum of 24 hours or less depending on the temperature. Sod will begin to yellow when rolled up to long, the sod will recover if laid when yellow by applying water and an application of fertilizer. If the sod has become slimy and a black color, the sod is likely not going to recover.

A slight yellow color after been rolled up will not have any long term problems.

When Removing an old lawn, how much do you take out?

On a typical lawn removal a depth of 2-3″ should be removed. This is normally the top green growth. This will allow for 3″ of new topsoil to be installed. The primary purpose of removing the old lawn is to allow the roots of the new lawn to penetrate below. The root system of the new lawn may grow to a depth of 6-8″ over time if allowed to.

When removing an old lawn what type of equipment do you use?

On a standard lawn removal a sod cutter is used. For larger projects a bobcat machine may be used to remove your lawn area.

Can I use round up or chemicals to kill to old lawn and install soil over top?

Using the chemical method to kill your old lawn is not recommended by BC Instant Lawns and Landscapes. Chemicals may persist in the sub soil and leach thus ceasing growth of your newly installed lawn. Many contractors may suggest this method in an attempt to reduce disposal and removal costs. The preffered method is to remove the old lawn completely.

How Long until I can walk or play on my new lawn?

Your new lawn may be walked on gently immediately after installation and you may play on your new lawn normally within 10-14 days after planting in growing seasons.

When should I first mow my new lawn?

Your first mowing will be within 10-14 days after planting during growing seasons. Remember, when mowing your lawn be sure to never take more than 1/3 of the height off every couple days.

When should I fertilize, over seed and lime my lawn?

You can sign up for instant notifications via email by click the link below:

We will send you notifications on when and how much fertilizer, over seed and lime to apply to your lawn area.

When Should I Consider a Lawn Drainage Sytem?

Lawn drainage systems should be installed after your old lawn has been removed and before top soil or sod is installed. Installing a lawn drainage system will ensure your new lawn is free from puddles and standing water which can be seriously harmful to your new lawn. Land grading is very important to ensure water runoff from your property, but sometimes water will sit in corners of the property and a lawn drainage system may be required.

How do I cut sod?

To cut sod rolls use a sharp knife such as a box cutter. 

If I have a Lawn Pest Infestation, will a new lawn solve the problem?

The answer is yes.

By simply removing 2-3″ of soil and re-sodding will not remove the pest from the lawn area. Although with the european chafer beetle, if you plant a new lawn and keep it healthy, the likelihood of having a chafer beetle reinfestation is limited. Why? During the chafer beetle’s life cycle the queen plants her eggs in your lawn and the eggs turn in to those nasty looking worms, those worms hatch in to flys and the cycle starts over again. But the trick is, the queen’s don’t like to plant in healthy lawns. Plant a new lawn, keep it healthy and its likely that you wont get a reinfestation. Of course you need to apply the nematodes and do all the other lawn maintenance. You probably ended up with the Chafer Beetle because your lawn had weak areas and the infestations just continued on.

Other tricks to keep the Chafer Beetles away:

1. Keep your lawn in good health
2. Keep your lawn at a 3 inch height
3. Use a Chafer beetle resistant type sod. (Available from BC Instant Lawns)
4. Apply the nematodes annually
5. Always fill bare pathes with sod or seed in your lawn.
6. Tell your neighbours to apply the nematodes.
7. Keep debris off your lawn area, regularly fertilize and overseed.
8. In shadded areas increase fertilization and oversseding. 

When and How Often Should I Fertilize My New Lawn?

When installing a new lawn an application of a sod starter fertilizer is applied at a rate of 2 lbs. per 1000 square feet. This sod starter fertilizer will feed your new lawn for the next 30-45 days. Another application of fertilizer should be applied after 30-40 days at the same rate. Also see About Your New Lawn. You can purchase new lawn fertilizer from the link below:

Where can I buy 20-20-20 fertlilizer in Vancouver?

How do I figure our how much lawn fertilizer to apply?

Read our the new lawn maintenance guide on the link below:

How Much Water Does a New Lawn Require?

A new lawn will require a single deep watering to moisten the soil and the ground below to a depth of 4-6″. After the ground has been moistened you must keep the top layer moist for 7-10 day. Once the roots have begun to establish, you may back off your watering frequency but increase the time spent per watering. See About Your New Lawn. When planting sod in the spring or fall, watering is less of a concern than in the hot summer months.

Im in a shadded area, what can I do to improve the growth from my new lawn?

For shadded lawn areas it is important to remember that the lawn will require extra care. Follow these items and your lawn will see improved growth:

Plant a Shade Variety Sod.
Always keep debris off the lawn especially in the fall and winter months.
Do not water as much. Shadded lawn areas do not require as much water as full sun areas
Increase fertilization frequency but use less per use.
Trim back trees and bushes to increase sunlight.

Overseed regularly
Never mow extremely short.

I’ve had 3 new lawn estimates and the prices vary significantly. Why?

Contractor pricing for new lawns will vary significantly. The main reasons for this are:

1. Soil Quality. 

The soil supplied for your new lawn must be of good quality. Unfortunatley there is no regulation in the market to control what materials are used in production of soil and thus poor quality soil is available at discounted prices. At BC Instant Lawns and Landscapes we will quote your new lawn using only a premium grade quality natural soil.

2. Sod / Turf Quality. 

The sod supplied for your new lawn comes from Fraser Valley Turf Farms, located in Abbotsford, British Columbia. The fields are composed of alluvial sand, meaning natural sand. During production of the sod, no additional materials such as recycled paper waste, wood chips, septic waste are added. Your new sod is weed free and grown on a natural base. All sod is harvested the evening before delivery and guaranteed to be of good quality.

3. The quantity of old lawn being removed. 

When removing an old lawn BC Instant Lawns and Landscapes will remove up to 3″ of material. Our written estimates will state how much is to be removed and the quantity of disposal bins required for your project. 

4. The quantity of soil being installed.

The soil quantity required for your new lawn should be a minimum of 3″. Our written estimate will state how many cubic yards of soil will be installed for your project.

Is there a warranty on the sod?

There is no warranty on sod. As sod is a living plant once the grass has been installed it is your responsibility to maintain your new lawn. Under no conditions will BC Instant Lawns replace sod that has died. Once we have installed your new lawn and you agree we have completed our contract together the project now becomes the customers responsibility.

Please consider the following conditions before planting a lawn:

1. Amount of shade you are planning to plant your lawn in.

2. Debris that will fall on the lawn.

3. Cedar trees and other acidic trees in area.

4. Current drainage.

5. Usage from pets and people.

I’m looking for a landscape installer near me? Will BC Instant Lawns and Landscapes do small jobs?

Yes, we will take on any project within the areas we serve. We will try to coordinate smaller projects near our larger sod projects.

I’m Looking for sod near me? What areas do you service in British Columbia?

We Install and Deliver New Lawns throughout the following areas:

Vancouver,North & West Vancouver, Richmond, Delta, Surrey
Burnaby, New Westminster, Coquitlam, Langley, South Surrey, White Rock, Squamish / Whistler, Vancouver Island / Okanagan

Sod Pick up is available throughout the Vancouver Lower Mainland including many areas nearby. If you would like to get an instant online price visit, to see all the sod pick up location near you.

Im looking for a single roll of sod for my pet grass potty station, where can I buy?

What is the wait time to get my sod installed?

Visit our current sod installation schedule:

Get Sod installation availability, turf delivery times and sod pick up near you information.

How much sod will fit in my pick up truck or car?

That question is answered here:

Do you deliver sod to Victoria on Vancouver Island?

Yes we supply sod and install new lawns on Vancouver Island (Victoria, Saanich, Sooke, Sidney, Mill Bay, Shawnigan Lake).

Do you install new lawn irrigation systems in and around Vancouver?

Yes we install new lawn sprinkler systems throughout British Columbia. To request an estimate for a new lawn irrigation system, please use the link below. New sprinkler/irrigation systems should be installed before your new lawn is sodded:

Do you supply and install sod in Nanaimo and Courtenay on Vancouver Island?

Yes, we are a sod supplier and sodding contractor on Vancouver Island. We frequently deliver sod and install new lawns throughout Nanaimo, Ladysmith, Parksville, Qualicum Beach, Cumberland, Courtenay and Comox.

Do you deliver sod to North Vancouver and West Vancouver? What about installing a new lawn?

Yes, we install new lawn in North and West Vancouver. We try to deliver to the North Shore a few time a week.

Do you have any current specials on new lawn installations or irrigation system installs?

Yes, our current special offers are listed by clicking the link below:

Do you sell landscape materials in bulk and in bags?

Yes, we sell: Bark mulches, gravels, sands, garden soils and decorative rock all by bulk or landscape bags for delivery throughout the Lower Mainland:

What area of Surrey do you deliver sod to?

We deliver to:

  • Newton
  • Guilford
  • South Surrey
  • Cloverdale
  • The entire city of Surrey

Should I get my landscape materials delivered in bulk or in bags?

Do you provide machinery services such as excavators and bobcats for small jobs?

Yes we provide all types of machinery for landscape projects, excavators, bobcats, earth movers, power wheelbarrows, etc.

How do I measure my lawn area when ordering sod?

To measure your lawn area when ordering sod use the link below for more information and helpful tips:

How do I calculate how much soil I need or material I need for my lawn project?

What is the best type of grass seed to use in the Vancouver Area?