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A new lawn sprinkler / irrigation system installed in Vancouver

Are you looking for a new lawn irrigation system for your lawn? In most cases lawn irrrigation systems are installed prior to a lawn replacement been completed or before a new lawn is installed on your property. Please complete the form below and we will call you to arrange an appointment to view your property or request further information about your requirements.

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Lawn irrigation systems are the innovation you never knew you needed but quickly learn you can’t live without. Keep your free time free by drastically reducing the amount of maintenance you lawn and gardens require by installing an irrigation system. We work with qualified professionals and the most innovative and trusted irrigation manufacturers to ensure that your system runs perfectly for years to come. Get ready to experience the difference an automated irrigation system can make.

Residential and Commercial Lawn Irrigation Systems, Installation, Maintenance and Repairs throughout Vancouver

Regardless of the April showers, those May flowers will still need to be watered from June on. Irrigation systems are infinitely customizable and can be configured to meet the needs of your lawn and garden. Additionally, the water lines run underground, and the sprinkler heads are nearly invisible so no more tacky sprinklers sitting in the middle of your yard unevenly watering your lawn for hours. Irrigation systems are programmable and provide a hassle-free way to keep your plants and lawn fresh and healthy looking, saving you time and effort. There is no need to pay your neighbours to water your plants while you are away either. They can be programed to abide by your cities water restrictions in the heat of summer, and conserve water when the sky opens up.

To get a quote on a lawn residential or commercial irrigation system install, repair or maintenance please use the form at the top of the page, we will call you back shortly and arrange an onsite estimate.

We Install New lawn irrigation systems throughout the following areas:

Metro Vancouver / North & West Vancouver / Richmond / Delta / Surrey
Burnaby / New Westminster / Coquitlam / Langley / South Surrey / White Rock / Maple Ridge / Pitt Meadows / Abbotsford

lawn sprinkler / irrigation system
lawn sprinkler / irrigation system… Don’t get wet!

Looking to install a new lawn irrigation system at your home or commercial building? We specialize in lawn sprinkler / irrigation repairs, installations and maintenance. For new installations our team can design, install and maintain your new grass irrigation system making sure you get the water where you need it.

Your new lawn sprinkler system will be fully automated and is installed with a irrigation control box for multi function time setting. All of our systems are installled with back flow preventors, an inspection will be required to ensure the work is completed properly.

All of our new sprinkler system installations are backed by a warranty covering parts and labour.

Let our professional designers determine where and when you need the water on your lawn, garden bed and potted plants to keep them looking great all season long.

New Grass Irrigation System Installation and Maintenance

Options and add ons for sprinkler systems:

Rain Sensors: Rain sensors prevent your irrigation system from turning on when its raining.

Water Saver Sprinkler Heads: Reduce your water usage and save money on water with water saving irrigation heads..

Damage Prevention Sprinkler Heads: Prevent property damage from a broken head. These sprinkler heads are designed to limit water flow if damaged.

Drip Irrigation: Water your plants in hanging baskets and pots with a drip irrigation add on.

Lawn area and garden bed separate watering schedules: Save water and water within the lawn sprinkling regulations with a garden and lawn area separation.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting: Beautify your landscape with our low voltage landscape lighting systems.

Sprinkler System Annual Maintenance and Repairs

Normal annual maintenance includes: Irrigation system shut downs, annual start ups and system cleaning. To avoid damage from frost during winter months, sprinkler systems should be blown out annually.

Repairs and additions to existing sprinker systems can be completed.

The common questions about lawn irrigation systems and the maintenance:

When do I install an irrigation system?

Your irrigation system should installed before you install a new lawn. You may remove the old lawn first, but you should have your irrigation pipes and heads installed before installing new soil and sod.

When should I turn my lawn irrigation off for the season?

You should turn your irrigation system off as soon as you are finished with it for the season and before the frosts come. Normally September / October.

How much does a new residential lawn irrigation system cost to install?

New lawn irrigation systems will generally cost between $4,500-$7,000 for a standard sized residential lot 120 X 60. Of course price go up or down with difficulty of installation, custom add ons and specialty work.

What type / kind of irrigation heads should I use on my lawn?

Selecting the correct irrigation sprinkler head will depend on many factors: the size and shape of your lawn, the amount of sun, the surrounding trees, and the water pressure of your house. It is always best to let a professional determine the head type / kind to use, ask the parts store or book an appointment with us to have a look.

Can I install an irrigation system after I install a lawn?

The short answer is yes. Should you install you install your irrigation after you install your lawn? no. It wll be alot easier to coordinate the irrigation system installation before installing a new lawn.

How long does a lawn irrigation system take to install?

Irrigation system installations for a standard residential lot can take between 1-3 days. Normally we can start the install your irrigation system within 10 days from you calling us.

How to get an estimate for your new lawn irrigation system

To get pricing for your new irrigation system from BC Instant Lawns and Landscapes, call us to arrange an on site estimate or use the form on this page and we will call you back to discuss details.What does irrigation mean?

Irrigation is a Latin word that dates back to the 1600s and means to “supply land with water”. Farmers irrigate their crops, and home owners with large gardens or lawns can benefit from irrigation in the same way.

What are the different types of irrigation?

Any method of water your plants other than natural rain is irrigation. Technically anytime you take a water can and water a plant you are part of the irrigation process. That method is called manual irrigation. While being the most common it is also the most labour intensive. While farmers can use a variety of methods for their crops, most homeowners looking to water their gardens or lawns will stick to the basics. Drip irrigation involves the slow release of drops of water at the roots of plants. This method is common in vegetable greenhouses but can be mimicked with a drip irrigation hose. These hoses can be weaved through your garden bed and turned on for 30 minutes to an hour each day to keep your plants hydrated. The hoses need to be put away each winter to avoid freezing are not a good solution for lawns. Sprinkler type irrigation systems are a specialty of ours and are the best option for clients who want the least amount of hassle or maintenance. The pipes run underground and out of sight. The same system can water your gardens and your lawn and helps to conserve water and save you time and effort.

Do irrigation systems require maintenance?

Sprinkler irrigation systems require very little maintenance. Once programed they work tirelessly keeping your plants healthy and green without you doing a thing. Naturally with any system minor and occasional maintenance is required to keep the system running at optimal efficiency.

How do you install an irrigation system?

When running an irrigation line through a garden, a trench is hand dug, pipe is buried inside the trench and the irrigation line can then be fed through the pipe. In a lawn, we use a special machine that cuts into the grass, and lays the pipe as it goes, barley leaving any trace of where it has been. This machine allows us to cover large amounts of ground efficiently with out marking or destroying the existing surface. Finally, a control panel is installed to allow the owner to set and program the automatic system.