What is the size and weight of a sod roll?

sod roll weight and size
sod roll weight and size

Size of a sod roll

The sizes of a sod roll vary between supplier. The standard size is 9 square feet. The standard length is 4.5 feet. The standard width is 2 feet. The standard thickness is 1 inch.

Some sod suppliers will provide sod rolls that are 4.3 feet in length by 2 feet, not 9 square feet. Others will provide 1.5 width by 6 feet in length. Thicknesses may vary depending on the soil composition and harvesting technique.

Weight of a sod roll

The weight of sod will vary from day to day. Minimum weight will be 8 lbs, maximum weight will be 100 lbs. NOT KIDDING! The weight of sod will depend upon:

  • Weather (Rainfall, evaporation)
  • Type of soil in the field
  • Thickness of the harvested sod

How much sod can my truck carry?

That will depend on the weight and space your truck has. On average but be care after a rainfall:

Vehicle TypeSod Rolls LoadedAdd rolls to trailerTOTAL SQUARE FEET with Trailer
Ford F-150 – GMC 150060 (500sf)60 (500 sf)1000
Ford F-250 – GMC 250090 (800sf)90 (800 sf)1600
Ford F-350 – GMC 3500110 (900 sf)110 (900 sf)1800
Isuzu NRR (3 T.)200 (1600 sf)150 (1400 sf)3000
Small SUV15 (100 sf)20 (180sf)280
Larger SUV25 (220sf)25 (210sf)430
Small Car8 (70sf)n/a70

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