The best grass seed for the Vancouver area

Healthy lawn area
A healthy lawn area

The best type of grass seed to use on your lawn is a combination of rye grass, blue grass and fescues in the Vancouver, B.C. area. When seeding a new grass area, two to three applications of seed will normally be required.

If you are over seeding a lawn area use:

A high ryegrass content (70-100%)

If you are establishing a new lawn from seed use:

70% rygrass

20% bluegrass

10% Fescue

If you a growing a lawn for certain conditions (shade, chafer beetle resistance, heavy traffic), upon your second application use this type of seed:

Heavy traffic area: 50% Bluegrass 30% Fescue 20% Ryegrass

Chafer beetle resistance / drought tolerant / shade area: 50% Fescue 50% Ryegrass

Where can I buy grass seed online and have it delivered to my door in the Vancouver area?

You can purchase your grass seed from BC Instant Lawns online by clicking the link below: