Efficient Sod Delivery Program

Order early and save money while you help reduce our carbon footprint

  • Receive an instant discount on your order when you order early using the ESP Program.
  • You will receive delivery when we match your order with another in your neighbourhood.
  • Help reduce carbon emissions at the same time.

How ESD Program works

When you choose to participate in the efficient sod delivery program you are allowing us to combine deliveries within your local area within a certain timeframe. Of course by combining orders together we can pass the fuel, labor, truck usage savings along to you. We can then all appreciate the reduced use of resources in our mission to ease our burden on the planet.

You agree to the following terms and conditions when electing to save with this program:

  1. BC Instant Lawns will have 30 days to fulfill your order from the original order date, although delivery will most likely be fairly soon depending on where you are located.
  2. You will be given a minimum of 2 days notice prior to the confirmed delivery date.
  3. You must accept delivery of the sod upon the confirmed delivery date.
  4. No order changes, refunds or cancellations will be accepted.
  5. Your order must be completed through bcinstantlawns.com only, telephone orders will not be eligible for the program.
  6. Offer cannot be combined with any other sale item or offer.

** Please be aware that in warm weather conditions sod must be installed within 24 hours.

Saying all that above, we will work with customers as best as possible to accommodate special requests.

Select this option when ordering online to take advantage of the savings. This program is not available elsewhere,

Click below to get an instant sod price quote, your discount amount will be shown on the quote provided and then you can order using the ESD Program.