When is a good time to sod a lawn in Vancouver and Vancouver Island? Okanagan and Whistler area?

Sodding the new Amazon building in Tsawwassen. Don't forget to buy local though;)
Sodding the new Amazon building in Tsawwassen. Don’t forget to buy local though;)

What is the best season to sod a new lawn in Vancouver? The best time of year to lay new sod is the early spring. This doesn’t mean you cannot lay sod at any other point throughout the year, it just means this is the most ideal time. The only time it’s not recommended to lay a new lawn from sod is when the ground is frozen in winter.

The reasoning behind laying a new lawn in spring is that the new sod will require very little maintenance in the way of watering. Spring time in Vancouver is typically cool and moist and will exclude you from bringing out the sprinkler. Some special conditions may required you to water your newly laid sod:

  • Dry periods without rainfall
  • Freezing tends to dry out the soil
  • Unexpected hot weather (20 degrees plus)

Will freezing temperatures damage the new lawn? No, just be sure to keep traffic off the frozen grass blades.

How long until the new sod roots in? The new sod should take within a couple weeks at temperatures in the day time above 10 degrees C. If you lay your new lawn early in the year (Jan./Feb.) the grass will just lay dormant until the temperature rises, it’s not unusual to see bulbs pop up in January in Vancouver when we see a warm period and sod will start to root in as well. Just keep traffic off the new lawn area.

When is a good time to plant sod in Penticton, Kelowna, Kamloops, Princeton and Whistler areas?

You should consider not planting after late September to early October and begin the plant in the spring after the snow has melted. Look for temperatures around 10 degrees C as a daytime high to begin planting sod.

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When can I plant new sod in British Columbia?

Vancouver Lower Mainland AreaVancouver Island (Victoria, Nanaimo, Courtenay)Whistler / SquamishOkanagan (Penticton, Kelowna, Princeton, Osoyoos)
SummerOkay /GoodOkay / GoodOkayOkay
WinterOkay / Maybe NoOkay / Maybe NoNoNO
Good = Great time to plant sod Okay = You can do it but needs special care (Watering needed to establish sod) No= Not a chance you can plant sod at this time Maybe No = If the ground is frozen you can’t plant sod.

What is the cost of sod installation?

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