North & West Vancouver Lawn Installation and Sod Supplier

North and West Vancouver Sod Installation for a new lawn
North and West Vancouver Sod Installation for a new lawn

Looking for a new lawn installed or sod delivered to North & West Vancouver? BC Instant Lawns delivers to the North Shore of Vancouver frequently. Ordering sod for delivery has never been easier with our online ordering system:

Sod supplier on the North Shore

Use this link below if you are do it yourself and want to complete your sod installation with just purchasing the materials from us:

New lawn installation in North Vancouver and West Vancouver

Healthy lawn area
A healthy lawn area

BC Instant lawns has been installing new lawns for over 23 years around the Lower Mainland and British Columbia. If you would like to view our completed sod installations click to view our photo gallery:

Use this link it you would like BC Instant Lawns to install your new grass lawn in either North Vancouver or West Vancouver:

What type of sod should I use in West and North Vancouver?

preparation for a new lawn
preparation for a new lawn

Deciding on a sod type to use for your new lawn project is made easy by reading this article:

We supply and install all types of sod for lawns in North and West Vancouver British Columbia. Some of the sod varieties to choose from for your next sodding project:

  • West coast premium sod blend
  • Shade sod
  • Chafer beetle resistant sod
  • Drought resistant blend
  • Heavy traffic lawns area type grass.

For more detail on each type of sod and its applications for your project in West or North Vancouver, please view this link:

When are you delivering sod or installing a new lawn next in North Vancouver and West Vancouver?

small sod rolls
Sod rolls delivered for a residential lawn

Our current sod delivery schedule to the North Shore (North & West Vancouver) is listed below, we try to deliver a few time per week:

Our Lawn Installation schedule for West and North Vancouver is listed below:

sod roll
sod roll