Should I get my landscape materials delivered in bags or bulk in Vancouver?

landscape delivery truck
landscape delivery truck
Delivery in bags
Delivery in bags

Delivery in bags, is it easier?

Delivery in bags is more expensive than bulk landscape materials deliveries, additional expenses include:

  • Non refundable bag cost
  • Bagging / handling costs (Filling the bag)
  • Increased freight cost associated with forklift or hiab needed to unload.

All of the associated costs add up… sure landscape bags are right for you.

Landscape bags are beneficial when you need to keep material stored neatly for longer periods of time. If you are going to move /use your materials immediately the extra costs associated with bagging may not add up.

Landscape bags can only be used once to ship materials in, you are left with a large bag to find another use for after you empty the materials. Please try not to tear bag or use a knife to cut as this will create garbage.

bagged landscape materials
bagged landscape materials

Delivery in bags can be more precise than a bulk delivery. If you need your materials in an area where a hiab or forklift can reach you can save yourself the extra carrying distance. Most small deliveries will come on a hiab type truck (extension arm off truck) and some may come on a truck equipped with a forklift. If have specific needs for a forklift, hiab or crane type truck please call us for accurate pricing as additional charges may be required.

Picking up sod in Delta and Abbotsford.
Crane type truck loading sod.

Landscape Materials Available For Bagging in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland

  • Garden soils
  • Bark Mulches
  • Gravel
  • Decorative Rocks
  • Sands

For pricing and ordering of all our landscape materials either by bag or bulk delivery throughout Vancouver please use the following link:

How to calculate how much material is needed

If you need to calculate how much material you need simply click on get a price quote for any landscape item that interests you. We assist with the calculation when you fill out the form. For further reading and the mathematical calculation please click below: