Lawn Sprinkler Installation Vancouver

lawn sprinkler / irrigation system
lawn sprinkler / irrigation system installed for a new lawn and garden

Looking to install a new lawn sprinkler system? We specialize in lawn sprinkler / irrigation repairs, installations and maintenance. For new installations our team can design, install and maintain your new lawn sprinkler system making sure you get the water where you need it. 

Your new lawn sprinkler system will be fully automated and is installed with a irrigation control box for multi function time setting. All of our systems are installled with back flow preventors, an inspection will be required to ensure the work is completed properly.

All of our new sprinkler system installations are backed by a warranty covering parts and labour.

How to get a quote for a new lawn sprinkler system in Vancouver, B.C.

Use the form below to send us your details of your project, we will arrange to view your property and provide you with an estimate. After you have completed the form for new sprinklers please use the link below to request a new lawn installation estimate separate.

Ready for a new lawn or old lawn replacement after your sprinkler system is installed?

Get a separate quote for a lawn replacement from the link below, most of the time your new lawn will be installed after your lawn sprinklers, we can coordinate so the old lawn is removed then sprinklers installed then the new lawn:

New Sprinkler System Installation Vancouver

Options and add ons for sprinkler systems installed in the Vancouver area:

Rain Sensors: Rain sensors prevent your irrigation system from turning on when its raining.

Water Saver Sprinkler Heads: Reduce your water usage and save money on water with water saving sprinkler heads..

Damage Prevention Sprinkler Heads: Prevent property damage from a broken head. These sprinkler heads are designed to limit water flow if damaged.

Drip Irrigation: Water your plants in hanging baskets and pots with a drip irrigation add on.

Lawn area and garden bed separate watering schedules: Save water and water within the lawn sprinkling regulations with a garden and lawn area separation. 

Sprinkler System Annual Maintenance and Repairs

Normal annual maintenance includes: Irrigation system shut downs, annual start ups and system cleaning. To avoid damage from frost during winter months, sprinkler systems should be blown out annually.

Repairs and additions to existing sprinker systems can be completed.

Outdoor lighting systems

Beautify your landscape with our low voltage landscape lighting systems.

Outdoor lighting looks fantastic, highlighting key elements of your landscape to create a stunning atmosphere long after the sun has gone down. Additionally, proper outdoor lighting can deter would be trespassers and thieves. We are ready to bring a little light to your landscape and show you what you’ve been missing. Keep your yard protected, and stunning, with outdoor lighting.