Sod Farm Langley, Surrey, Delta and Serving Vancouver

sod farm truck
Sod farm truck

Are you looking for a sod farm near Langley, Surrey or Delta? BC Instant Lawns supplies and installs sod and top soil for your new lawn project in the Vancouver, Lower Mainland.

For picking up sod directly from the farm

Picking up sod in Delta and Abbotsford.
Picking up sod in Delta and Abbotsford.

We are open Monday to Saturday for picking up sod rolls in Delta and Abbotsford. All pick ups must be pre-arranged and advanced notice will be required to get your sod order ready as grass is harvested to order, please get a price quote and place your order online using the green link below, we will send you the address for pick up after the order is completed. An updated schedule is included when going through the order process or use the menu above to view our current sod pick up and delivery schedule.

For ordering sod from the farm for delivery

New sod installed by BC Instant Lawns.

The sod farms daily for delivery throughout Vancouver, Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island and the Okanagan. Farming sod for over 23 years in Abbotsford and Delta and supplying Langley, Surrey daily with pick up or delivery.

To get pricing and order for delivery please use the link below or browse our website menu above to get information on all our sod and sodding services.

Do you farm sod in the winter?

Farming sod in the winter is only done when the ground is not frozen. You cannot harvest grass when the ground is covered in snow or rock hard. Harvesting of sod in November, December, January and February is sometimes difficult and you must wait for your sod order until the ground has thawed.

Does the sod farm provide fertilizer with every order?

No fertilizer does not come with every sod order. You can purchase fertilizer for your lawn area or when sodding we recommend using a root starter fertilizer on the ground before you lay the sod. Please visit the link below view all our fertilizer and seed products:

What types of sod are grown at the sod farm?

sod roll
sod roll

Types of sod available for pick up or delivery in Vancouver, Langley, Delta and Surrey include:

  • West Coast Premium Blend
  • Shade Sod Blend
  • Chafer Beetle Resistant Sod
  • Drought Resistant Sod
  • Sport Sod (Heavy traffic area)

To view a more detailed description of the types of sod farmed, please visit the following link: