Bobcat and Excavator Services in Vancouver, Landscape Material Installation

Looking for a bobcat or excavator service in Vancouver? BC Instant Lawns and Landscapes can provide mini-excavation and front end loader bobcat service for your residential landscape project.

Bobcat Service

Bobcats are a staple in the construction and landscape industry. They are powerful and capable machines ready to get put to work. Looking to hire a bobcat for a day? We can make that happen.

Mini Excavator Service

Don’t let the small stature fool you. Like David against Goliath, our U17 Kubota is a powerful and precise machine that is ready to take on giant tasks. Small enough to get into most backyards, this little machine has been indispensable in many of our custom landscape builds over the years.  

Large Excavator Service

For large excavations and where access is possible or larger excavators are capable of seemingly impossible tasks. From leveling huge areas, making massive clearing, or constructing large natural rock retaining walls we have a machine that can make it happen. Before you write off your idea as impossible, contact us and find out just what these mechanical giants can do for you.

Disposal Service

Junk, burn piles, and that stack of old wood you haven’t gotten a chance to get rid of all create an unsightly mess around your home. Get ready for spring and let us clear the clutter from your yard. Our trucks, dump trailers, and large disposal bins are at your service. It doesn’t matter how much stuff you need gone, we can get the job done without you having to do a thing. Just contact us and watch as the mess disappears.

Other machines, disposal units and labour for your landscape project:

Front End Loader. (Mini walk behind)

Power Wheelbarrow (3/4 Yard Dump)

Mini Dump Truck (5 Yard)

Dump Trailer (4 Yard)


All available for use on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Use the link below to order:

Add General Labour to your Project

Need an extra hand digging, moving materials or installing products? Add extra labour for the day to your project on the order form below. If you need hand tools (Shovels, Pic Axes, Rakes Etc.) add the laourer wit hand tools to have a complete set of useful landscaping tools on your project.

We also offer Landscape Constructions Services

Ask us to install your new landscape project:

If you need fences build, irrigation systems installed, paving stones installed, we can help.

Mini Bobcat available for use with an operator on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Fits through a 3 foot gate. Excellent machine for spreading materials and moving in tight spaces.

Get a quote on your landscape project in Vancouver, White Rock, North & West Vancouver and anywhere in the Lower Mainland: Landscape Construction Vancouver Quote

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