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Where to buy sod in Vancouver, Surrey, Victoria, Nanaimo, Penticton, Kelowna and Kamloops


Use the link below to get prices and ordering sod roll for pick up at the farm or delivery throughout Vancouver, Vancouver Island and the Okanagan:

Order Sod Online / Get Sod Pricing online.

sod roll

turf / sod rolls in Vancouver on a Pallet in  front of a home

Sodding Service

Looking for a great new lawn using sod rolls but do not want to do the work? BC Instant Lawns offer sod and sodding services in most areas of Vancouver Island (Victoria, Nanaimo, Courtenay), Greater Vancouver and Penticton, Kelowna, Vernon, Osoyoos and Kamloops.

Pick up Sod Option

We have pick up options at the Sod Farm. To arrange for a pick up please complete the link above and select pick up sod rolls. We give you instant pricing, our current schedule and then you place your sod order online.

Please note that your vehicle must be able to handle the weight of the sod rolls. It is very dangerous to be overloaded on the road. Please call our office if you have questions or simply just have us deliver your sod to you.

Sod Delivery Schedule and Pick Up

Our schedule for sod delivery or pick up changes frequently and all updates are made online.

Preparation of your lawn area / Before you buy sod rolls

Before you buy sod make sure you have a schedule for preparation, your soil should be completly prepped before ordering your sod rolls. When you receive your sod, please make sure that it is installed within a 24 hour period. If the temperature is hot, make sure you have your area you are sodding completely prepared before placing your order. When the weather is hot you should install your sod rolls as soon as possible to prevent any composting. Composting will occur when the rolls are left rolled up for too long. If the grass blades have turned yelllow but not black and slimy the grass blades should recover with an application of root starter fertilizer and a good watering. When you first open the sod rolls you should apply water immediately. Move your sprinkler along the installation area as you complete sodding an area. The root starter fertilizer should be applied either to the ground before installing the sod or after to dry grass blades.

Top Soil for sodding

Before placing your sod order, you might consider installing a good quality turf blend soil. A good quality soil will allow your freshly planted sod to grow lush and green. Turf blend type top soil is also composed of mainly washed sand to allow for drainage. Use at a depth of 3-6 inches to allow the sod roots to grow deep and strong.

Taking Care of Your Sod

Taking care of your freshly planted sod is fairly easy. You need to make sure the root starter fertilizer has been applied properly and keep the top layer or the sod itself moist, not saturated, just moist. Your first watering should be deep (1 hour) then all of the evaporation will be from the top layer so you just need to replenish the water in the sod layer frequently. Depending on the temperature you may need to water 2-3 times per day. If it is cool outside, watering will not be required frequently.

You will first mow your sod within 7-14 days during growing season. In Vancouver, Victoria, Nanaimo and Courtenay, April-October is growing season, May-September in Penticton, Kelowna, Kamloops, Osoyoos, Merritt and Vernon.

Your first fertilization will be approx. 45 days after installation. Please visit our lawn maintenance guide for more information.

You can also visit when to plant a new lawn using sod

For all other information on buying sod please visit our services page where you will find links to a number of pages about sod and sodding service.