Where to buy sod rolls in Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey and Delta.

Buy sod rolls anywhere in British Columbia from BC Instant Lawns and Landscapes, your local turf grass sod supplier.

sod roll
Sod rolls can be purchased throughout Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey, Delta or anywhere in British Columbia when ordering online here.

Looking to sod a whole new lawn or just to buy a few pieces of turf for your lawn installation project? 

BC Instant Lawns is a turf grass sod supplier throughout Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey and Delta in the Lower Mainland. We sell real grass rolls.

We have delivery service or pick up is available at the farm located in Abbotsford or pick up in Delta. Please be sure to pre-order your sod rolls before picking up.

Pallets of sod
Pallets of sod

How to order sod and how much does sod cost?

Use the link below to get a price and order sod either picked up or delivered in Vancouver, Surrey, Delta, Richmond or anywhere in British Columbia:

You may also pick up from one of our job sites within the Vancouver area (If we are installing turf in that area). Please call us at 604-245-2227 to see where one of our lawn installation sites may be. It would be best if you could please pre-order turf rolls 24-48 hours in advance so we can make arrangements for pick up or delivery to you. You can see our current schedule for pick up and delivery here:

Please consider how much turf you can put into your vehicle, driving with heavy loads may be dangerous. Each roll of sod may weigh 25-75lbs. depending on the weather.

Our turf rolls are delivered fresh to our job sites or cut daily from the turf farm, turf is a perishable product and must be unrolled within 2-3 days during normal weather and less than 24 hours in hot weather conditions. 

sod roll
sod roll

Sod rolls will start to decompose if left rolled up and will not be usable, be sure you are buying fresh turf rolls especially in hot weather.

Before buying sod rolls for your lawn

Picking up sod in Delta and Abbotsford.
Picking up sod in Delta and Abbotsford.

Before installing new grass you should prepare your ground and apply a root starter fertilizer. A good new turf fertilizer to help establishmentis a 10-30-10 type product.

Ensure that the new turf will be planted on a good quality soil. Turf type soil is available from BC Intant Lawns in Vancouver, we can ship directly to you.

After installing your new turf, apply water and maintain moisture in the sod until the roots have taken to the soil. Under normal growing condtions this will take 10-14 days for the turfgrass to take.

When can you install sod in Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond, Delta or BC?

Turf can be installed year round in the Vancouver area. When its icy and cold we prefer to wait until it warms up a bit. We cannot harvest the turf when the ground is frozen or under water.

How to install sod and prepare your new lawn

Installing sod / turf grass

Use the link below to learn more about sodding a new lawn:

Need just a roll of sod for your pet?

If you need just a single roll of sod for your pet grass station, click here to order online:

Pet grass
Pet grass roll for a customer in a high-rise in Vancouver

We deliver sod into the following Vancouver neighbourhoods:

  • Kitsilano
  • Point Grey
  • Kerrisdale
  • East Vancouver
  • Downtown
  • Around the PNE
  • Marpole
  • Throughout British Columbia

In and around Surrey we deliver to:

  • Newton
  • Fleetwood
  • Cloverdale
  • North Delta
  • White Rock
  • Highpoint
  • Langley

We also service all of Richmond and Steveston area.

BC Instant Lawns Sod and Turf Grass Supplier Vancouver, British Columbia

BC Instant Lawns is your local sod / turf farm supplier company. Are you looking for a few rolls or an entire new lawn? We deliver and have pick up options in Delta.

small sod rolls
small sod rolls