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Sport Sod, Golf Course Fairway
Sport Sod, golf course fairway installation in Vancouver, B.C.. BC Instant Lawns can supply and install your fairway or sport field.

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Description of Sport Sod

Sport sod is high in kentucky bluegrass, contains no meshing and is grown on washed sand. This sod meets all BCLNA specs for turfgrass and all municipal specifications for sport sod.

Uses and Applications

  • Golf course fairways and surrounds
  • Sport fields / Soccer Fields
  • Heavy traffic residential lawns
  • Heavy traffic commercial lawn areas

Format Harvested

Sport sod is harvested in either small roll or big roll for larger areas.

Seed Mixtures Used

Perennial Ryegrass
Kentucky Bluegrass
*Seed contents are approx. values and may change

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