Shade Blend Type Sod

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Shade blend type sod
Shade blend type sod need at least half a day of direct sunshine.

Most commonly used by homeowners and landscapers who have a partially sunny area.

Description and uses for shade blend sod

Use caution when planting a lawn in an area that has low levels of light. Shade blend sod will require at least 50% of direct sunlight to survive an entire year. This sod is composed mainly of fescues, a deep rooting type of grass that will survive a little better in a darker lawn area. DO NOT PLANT THIS GRASS IN WINTER anywhere in British Columbia. This sod should be planted when the sun is high in the sky and the daylight hours are longest, this will give it the best chance of establishing.

If you have an area the is mainly moss and you want to turn this area into grass by using sod, take precautions, make sure you have enough sunlight, drainage and limited traffic. Sod grasses do not like low light areas.

Fescue type grasses as used in the shade blend sod, are deep rooting and require less water once established. Shaded areas of your lawn normally do not see the evaporation that direct sunlight areas are subject to, do not emerge your lawn area in water in shaded areas, just keep it moist enough to allow the plant to use the water as needed.

Please do let the name ‘shade sod’ fool you, shaded lawns are difficult to grow and maintain.

How to maintain a lawn in a shaded area

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Seed Mixtures Used

Perennial Ryegrass 20%
Kentucky Bluegrass 30%
Fescues 50%
*Seed contents are approx. values

Uses and Applications Shade Blend Type Sod

  • Limited Light Residential Lawns

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