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over seeded and fertilized lawn areas will grow to be strong, healthy, weed and pest resistant

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How much fertilizer will I require for my lawn?

For yearly fertlization, your lawn will require about 2-3 lbs. of fertilizer per 1000 square feet using a 20-20-20 type fertilizer or similiar. You should apply this to your lawn area 4-5 times per year at specific times. Use this link to sign up for lawn maintenance notifications. We will send you a notification when it’s time to fertilize, over seed, lime your lawn to your email.

How many pounds of fertilizer and seed to apply each application.

When to apply fertilizer and seed to your lawn.

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How much seed will I require for overseeding my lawn?

Where can I buy 20-20-20 lawn fertilizer?

You can buy 20 20 20 fertilizer from BC Instant Lawns online sod store in Vancouver, B.C.. Use the form above to get lawn fertilization information and purchase now.

Healthly lawns require regular feeding of fertilizer, the key is to use them in small amounts and often. This is because the lawn fertilizer is water soluble and in the Vancouver area we get plenty of rainfall throughout the year. The key ingredient needed for plant growth is nitrogen. Using a 20/20/20 type lawn fertilizer tells you that 20% of the product by weight is composed of Nitrogen. In residential lawn fertilization, this amount of nitrogen is sufficient. A word of caution though, nitrogen will burn your lawn. Do not clump on the lawn, do not apply when wet and only apply what is prescribed. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS!!!

Use a scientific approach to fertilizer usage when applying to your lawn. Never guess how much and when.

Should I use weed and feed on my lawn?

Do not use weed and feed on your entire lawn. Why apply a weed control to a lawn area that has no weeds? It is not needed. You should only use weed control where weed control is needed. If you have weeds in your lawn, pull them out by hand or replace the area with new sod. Get a price on a few rolls of sod from us here.

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What type of grass seed should I be using for over seeding a lawn?

Anytime you are over seed a lawn area with bare patches you should use a fast germinating type seed to fill in the blank lawn spaces fast. This will prevent weeds from emerging. A fast germinating type grass seed is a rye grass. Typically called over seed mix.

If you are over seeding a lawn area to adjust the type of grass i.e. shade tolerance, you should use a mixed variety with your desired type. Some grass seeds take many, many days to germinate and if left on the ground will become bird food. Be sure to read the instructions with any seed that you plan on planting.

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