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We supply sod and install new lawns throughout the Vancouver area, Squamish, Whistler, Vancouver Island and the Okanagan

Since 1997.

We will complete any sized new lawn project from Whistler, Squamish, Vancouver, Victoria, Nanaimo, Courtenay, Cumberland, Penticton, Kelowna and 
Osoyoos and all areas in between. Please use the options below to get pricing and information for your new lawn project or sod delivery 
or call us at 604-454-4954.We appreciate your inquiry and look forward to working with you.

Your Residential Sod Supplier and Lawn Installation Expert

We only install new lawns using farm fresh sod and high quality top soils. Our prices reflect the quality you will come to see from all 
of our sod products and sodding services. 
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Here is your guide to maintaining your freshly installed sodded lawn:

New Lawn Guide




Summer 2020 Sodding / Turf Installation / Lawn Replacement Special Pricing For All Vancouver, Lower Mainland Homeowners

Only Available with an

online estimate

$2.49 Per Square Foot*!

(Regular Price $3.00-$4.00 per square foot)

*To qualify for the special price, minimum area size must be over 900 square feet. Includes old lawn removal and disposal, 3 inches of premium turf type topsoil, premium grade West Coast blend sod, labor and machinery, Taxes additional. Prices may change depending on difficuty of access to lawn area.

laying sod on a new lawn

Did you know? We also install lawn Sprinkler / Irrigation systems...
Click here and ask us for an on site estimate before we install your new lawn.
lawn irrigation system in Vancouver

Here are common questions about new lawns, preparation, installation and laying sod:

 Frequently Asked New Lawn Questions

Landscaping Contractor and Landscape Material Supplier
mini excavator service

Need landscaping materials for your project? Visit our Landscape Material Supply Store

landscape contractor

Need a completely new landscape? We offer complete landscape design, installation / construction services

landscape installation, paving stones, new grass, plants

Sodding a lawn? Special Offer on Sod Grass Rolls and Top Soil

Special offer on Sod and Soil purchases. When purchasing sod and top soil from us save 10% on both order: Get a price quote here

Need Excavation or Bobcat service to help prepare for your new lawn or landscape project? Click here for more detail on our 
bobcat and excavator service








Looking for a small amount of sod / just a few rolls to patch your lawn or for your pet?

We sell small amounts of sod for your lawn patch, petgrass. Get a price quote for pick up or delivery here: small amounts of sod

pet grass sod roll

What is the cost of sod?

home depot sod pricing

If you are wondering what the price of sod is, get a price quote for sod delivered or picked up from BC Instant Lawns.

How much does it cost to lay sod?

laying sod lawn

BC Instant Lawns gives you free online estimates for your new lawn installation project: Get an new lawn install estimate here. We are now serving the Okanagan area and Vancouver Island with sod and sodding services.

Where to buy sod?

You can buy farm fresh sod online now from BC Instant Lawns. We give you sod prices and order times instantly when you complete a simple form. We deliver throughout Vancouver, Vancouver Island and the Okanagan.

Buy Sod Here

Thank you for visiting BC Instant Lawns, we look forward to installing your new lawn or supplying you with sod and soil products.












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We Sell & Supply and Install Great New Lawns in the Vancouver area, Vancouver Island and Okanagan.

Complete the form on this page to get a new lawn installation estimate. If you know your square footage we can provide you with a quote immediately and start your project within the week.

We are also Vancouver's Source for fresh sod and soil delivered to you....Through our on-line lawn sod store we also sell fertilizers, grass seed and a variety of other lawn products for your new lawn.

Looking for someone to lay a new lawn using sod / turf grass rolls?

BC Instant Lawns and Landscapes is your professional lawn installation and landscape company. If you're looking for a residential lawn installation, sport, golf or commercial new lawn sodding project get a free instant estimate online from us.

Sod Grass Laying Company in British Columbia

We provide sod and sodding service throughout the Metro Vancouver area, Victoria, Nanaimo, Whistler, Squamish, Penticton, Kamloops and Kelowna.

Sodding Service / Grass Installation / Lawn Replacements Process

1. We remove the old lawn area. This involves the use of a sod cutter to a depth of 2-3 inches into your existing soil.

2. We install a 3 inch base of turf blend type top soil. This soil is primarly washed sand based.

3. We prepare your soil by raking and rolling until we are happy with the grades and level.

4. We fertilize the soil before laying the sod fresh from the turf farm. During warm weather we may moisten the soil lightly before installing the sod rolls. After recieving your sod from the sod farm, we will make sure your sod is fresh and acceptable for your new lawn.

5. We install the new sod grass in a brickwork fashion, not overlapping, just nice and snug together. We cut the sod rolls using a sharp knife. The excess can used to patch in other grass areas.

6. The newly sodded lawn is then watered and rolled again (if required).

7. We power wash your yard and leave you with complete lawn maintenance instructions. You new lawn installation is now complete.

Enjoy your new grass lawn.

Fresh Turf Grass Rolls Directly From The Sod Farm

BC Instant Lawns is a turf farm / sod farm supplier in British Columbia.

Golf Course Fairway Sodding Service

sod pallets spread on a golf course fairway

Sport Field Sod Installation

big roll sod installation on a sport field

Commercial Projects New Grass Installation

bobcat moving big roll sod kelowna

Municipal Park Turf Grass Installation

sod installation crew on a sports field

Does your project require a sodding crew to install the new grass? Call BC Instant Lawns for an estimate.

We now have sod pick up options in Abbotsford and Delta, B.C.

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