Why is plastic netting used in sod production?

Most of the sod produced for residential purposes in British Columbia contains plastic netting, this may be an unexpected and unpleasant surprise for some after installing new sod.

Plastic netting used for the production of sod. This netting was claimed to be biodegradable almost 5 years ago.

Plastic netting is used during the planting of new sod to help keep the rolls of sod together during harvest. The manufacturer of this netting claims the product is biodegradable; our experience has been different.

The plastic meshing is contained in the soil of the sod rolls and remains on your property. The meshing may become noticeable when the grass dies off. (picture above)

When you order sod from BC Instant Lawns, your sod will NOT contain any plastic netting.

Plastic meshing from sod rolls.