When is the best time to plant a new lawn in Vancouver?

Installing a new lawn
Planting / Rolling out a new lawn.

The best time to plant a new lawn in Vancouver is April through October. This doesn’t mean you cannot plant from November until March. You can plant a new lawn all year round.

Why is April through to October the best time to plant new sod?

The sod will have a chance to root in immediately. This process normally takes about 7-10 days during growing season (April – October).

There is no real chance of frozen ground. Installing sod when the weather is below freezing is impossible, the rolls of sod cannot be harvested or unrolled and the ground must be thawed before installing a new lawn.

It’s nice to work outside in moderate weather. Normally during this time period we can catch a break from the rainfall, installing sod on muddy ground is difficult work.

What about installing turf in August and hot summer months?

No problem, just be around to water the lawn for the next 2 weeks. Lawn irrigation systems work best for larger areas when installing a new lawn in summer. Recently, Municipalities have increased taxes for water usage by way of permit requirements for lawn watering. The current watering restrictions do not allow for enough water while the new sod is rooting thus a watering permit is required.

What happens if I install my new lawn in winter months?

When you install a new lawn in winter, the sod may slowly root in when we have temperature increases but do not expect much growth during this time. The chances of the sod not rooting at all may be likely in shaded areas, use caution when planting a lawn in shaded areas during any month. Winter will have negative effect of thinning out your lawn, some grasses will not survive winter and will need to be re-seeded come spring.

Why is my neighbour installing a new lawn in December?

Sounds crazy, but it happens. Your neighbour is probably trying to complete his reno / build project and obtain his occupancy permit from the municipality or get money back from them. 

Planting sod in winter may be a better option than leaving the ground bare and having a huge weed problem in early spring. Weeds seem to grow faster and at all seasons, leaving the ground bare may surprise you come spring with a huge prep job that could cost much more.

Will frost damage the new lawn?

Frost and cold temperatures itself will not damage new sod. If you use the area for walking or playing, do not use the area while frozen. Walking on frozen grass doesn’t do the plant any good.

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