Vegetable Blend Top Soil Mix

Ideal for vegetable gardens and veggie boxes.

Garden box in 2020 using Veggie Blend Top Soil.

This top soil is a proprietary blend not available in stores. 

Due to popular demand in spring time this product may only be available for a limited time as I make it in small batches yearly.

Veggie Mix is perfectly balanced to be the optimal soil for your vegetables to grow large, healthy, and most importantly chemical free. It doesn’t matter if you are looking to grow some chives or parsley on your window sill or are trying to grow a prize winning rhubarb plant, Vegetable Topsoil is your best bet. After all, it is right in the name.

Vegetable mix top soil is perfect for growing your garden veggies. This mixture gives you all the nutrients you need to enjoy perfectly developed vegetables. I can say from personal experience this mix works great.