Real pet grass pasture sod roll. The cheapest and largest solution for your pets potty pad.

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Pet grass
Pet grass replacement, no need for an expensive cardboard box.

Need a cheap solution for your pet potty station? Need a larger pad for your dog? We deliver single rolls of sod for your pet pasture potty station. It’s a great option for those who live in apartments and high-rises in Vancouver. Our pet grass is 2 feet by 4.5 feet, you can use half now and half later if you choose.

We deliver throughout Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

Order your pet grass potty station replacement roll online. Create a custom pad for your dog or cat (some cats)

We are the lowest cost pet pasture potty pad / station roll provider in Vancouver.

No need for an expensive cardboard box with our name on it, considering what skipper is going to do on his fresh pad, we just prefer to give you a good ol’ roll of organic sod and save you a few bucks. As in the picture above, you can place a plastic sheathing under the roll to prevent runoff. When your pet grass sod roll is expired, simply roll it up and place in the compost.

Receiving your pet potty sod roll

When receiving your sod roll please bring a garbage bag to place the pet grass roll in so you aren’t dragging sand and dirt through your building. We will meet you at your building or leave it off to the side for pick up later.

How to maintain your pet grass potty roll

Your real grass pet potty pasture station sod roll will last about 10-14 days before a replacement will be required. Apply a little water every few days to help keep your grass roll alive and well.

Can I pick up my pad for my dog?

Sure, we have pick up options but we offer real cheap delivery options.

How big is your pasture?

Our pet grass roll size is 9 square feet. 2 feet by 4.5 feet. Need it smaller, simply just cut off a piece and save it for later.

Order your real grass pasture roll online

Place your order online for your pet grass roll and we’ll see you shortly. We have many options to meet you and your pets needs.

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