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landscaping a back yard vancouver fence and paving stone patio vancouver

Paving Stone Installers in Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey and White Rock.

Paving Stones Paving stones come in many varieties, can be arranged in multiple patterns, and can be configured to create your ideal outdoor living space. With paving stones we can transform an unused patch of grass or that muddy corner of your yard into a dining area, a BBQ kitchen, or a hot tub pad ready to entertain your guests year round. The colour and type of paving stone used can set the tone for the whole landscape. Rustic paving stones with slight red or brown hues create a cozy cottage vibe, while grey square stones with fine edges produce a modern and functional look. From walkways to driveways, patios and pads, paving stones are an aesthetic and functional solution and can be a reality for you no matter what your backyard looks like now. Built to last, paving stones will tie your whole landscape together and bring you pride every time you get to show it off to friends and family.

Patio Installation

Patio installation is one of our specialties and has become a staple in our custom landscape projects. We have a team of patio installers who are experienced, professional, and skilled. Though a client consultation we can determine the size and shape of your future patio based on the space available and what your specific needs are. And don’t forget not all paving stones are the same! The style, colour, and pattern of paving stone can work to create specific themes or moods. Together we create a vibe that suits you and your landscape. Do you dream of stepping out your back door onto a patio that has enough space for you and your guests to enjoy? Well your dream outdoor living space is within reach. Give us a  call us at 604-454-4954, fill in the online form below, or email us at


Please view some samples of the work we have completed throughout Vancouver, Richmond, South Surrey and White Rock:

paving stone installation and wood work on  patio

Paving Stone Patio Installation in White Rock. Designed and installed.

paving stone patio with furniture

Small back yard patio installation in South Surrey.

paving stone pathway

Paving Stone Pathway and New Lawn Installation.

Paving stone walkway and fence in Vancouver

Paving Stone Walkway and New Fencing in Vancouver

paving stone driveway install

Paving Stone Driveway Install with Basalt Stackstone Walls

back yard patio stones richmond

Back yard patio stone install with outdoor fire pit.

paving stone pathway vancouver

Paving Stone Pathway in a Vancouver back yard.

Other Landscape Installations and Services We Offer throughout Vancouver

We also build retaining walls, offer bobcat & excavation services, landscape design services and many more landscape installations. View all of our landcape construction services here.


How to get pricing for your paving stone installation project, landscape design or landscaping construction

If you would like pricing on a project in the Lower Mainland, please complete the form below or call us at 604-454-4954:  



Frequently Asked Questions About Paving Stones

What are paving stones?

Paving stones, sometimes called pavers, harken back to the building blocks of the roman road system. Although the manufacturing process has changed dramatically, the principal goal has remained the same; Create something stable, strong, and long lasting.

What are patios made out of?

Patios are either a concrete or aggregate pour or made from individual paving stones. Either way patios also have a sublayer of some leveling material like ¾ inch gravel crush or sand.

What are paving stones made out of?

Essentially paving stones are concrete blocks. As with all concrete, cement is used to bond particulate matter into an incredible strong and hard new material. Our paving stones are made locally using special and proprietary blends to create various colours and grains. Then by using unique molds they create various shapes, sizes, and textures.

How long does it take to install a patio?

This largely depends on the size of patio you wish to have installed. Although some patterns or types of paving stones will lay faster than others, we find two people can generally lay 100 square feet per day, including the sublayer of leveling material. Of course, that estimate hugely depends on how accessible a yard is. If material can be delivered right next to the patio, it is obviously much quicker than if material must be carried in by wheelbarrow or down a set of stairs by hand.

Do paving stones come in multiple colours?

They absolutely do, although generally in very natural and subdued tones. Warmer brown and red hues create a very welcoming and cottage like tone, while light and dark greys generally look more modern. Naturally the overall look will also depend on the type of paver is used and the pattern they get laid in.

Are there different paving stone shapes?

Yes, there are. For a while it was incredibly common to only see paving stones that were red and had an interlocking zig zag pattern. Those stones called the universal paver are still used in commercial applications but have fallen out of popularity for residential use over time. Paving stones come in numerous shapes, but most patterns are quite specific about which shapes and sizes can be used together. It is best to first decide on the pattern and mood you are trying to create. A modern landscape will benefit from a different colour, type, and pattern of paving stone than a villa, cottage, or old-world landscape.

What are the most popular paving stone patterns?

Many of our customers have fallen in love with the Ashlar pattern for its modern yet very cozy feel. It is interesting and complex enough for smaller patios but still lays quickly. It may be an oxymoron, but we also have installed several patios in a “random pattern”. This pattern looks quite natural combined with the right type of paving stone.

What is the difference between a concrete slab and paving stone patio?

Paving stone patios are often seen as a slightly costlier alternative to a regular concrete slab, however, if you want stamped concrete you will likely spend as much or more than a paving stone patio. Besides, for most small backyard patios the cost of renting a cement mixer and a sperate pump truck to get the concrete into the backyard is prohibitive. Visually, the difference is quite clearly tipped in the favour of paving stones. Additionally, concrete is prone to cracking and splitting over time. Paving stones, being individual pieces, might wiggle or shift over time but wont crack. That’s part of the reason old roman roads have lasted so long compared to the pothole prone concrete highways in parts of the United States.

Are there patio installers near me?

There certainly are, and we are some of the very best in the Fraser Valley. From Whistler to Hope we can get the job done.

Where are paving stones made?

Depending on our clients needs we have a few different suppliers for the paving stones we install. All the companies we work with are local and have great longstanding reputations and quality products.

How do you make a patio?

Laying a patio first begins with a great design. A well-designed patio is functional as well as visually appealing. After the design phase we get to get our hands dirty either breaking up and removing an old cracked concrete slab or excavating a portion of your yard to prep for the base materials. Once we have our heights set, we start bringing in and leveling the patio base material. Screeting is the next step and is crucial to ensure that the pavers lay perfectly even with each other. Screeting also allows us to set the ideal slope into the patio to prevent pooling and ensure proper drainage. Finally, we get to laying the pavers. By this point the pattern has already been determined in the first design phase and we can get to work brick by brick, bringing the patio to life. Once the pavers have been placed the edge of the patio gets locked in place with concrete to ensure the pavers stay tight and locked in place. Lastly the jointing or polymeric sand gets swept into the cracks between each paver and the whole patio is compacted. You now have a brand-new beautiful patio ready for you to enjoy right away.