Okanagan Blend Sod

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Okanagan Blend Sod
Okanagan Blend Sod

Most commonly used by homeowners and landscapers in the Okanagan area: Penticton, Kelowna, Kamloops, Osoyoos, Princeton, Whistler and Pemberton.

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Grown on natural sand loam, weed free, primarily bluegrass to give you a great looking new lawn that can survive the cool winters and warm summers. This sod type will give you beautiful new lawn to enjoy for many years. During hot and cold weather the bluegrasses will go dormant and recover again in growing seasons.

Seed Mixtures Used

Perennial Ryegrass
Kentucky Bluegrass
*Seed contents may change

Uses / Applications

Okanangan blend sod can be used for the following type of sodding projects:

  • Residential lawns
  • Commercial landscapes
  • Golf course fairways and fringes
  • Sport field applications
  • Boulevards

Okanagan Blend Maintenance

Okanagan blend type sod requires basic lawn maintenance. Be careful when planting in warmer climates as watering frequencies may need to be increased until the roots set in (Approx 10-14 days in growing season). Please read the new lawn maintenance guide above for lawn maintenance details.

Okanagan blend sod should be over seeded shortly after winter to repair any damaged areas and not allow weeds to grow. Be sure to use a fast germinating grass seed.

How to Plant a new lawn from sod in the Okanagan

Photo Gallery of Sodding Projects

Take a quick peek at some of the lawn projects we have completed using the Okanagan blend type sod throughout British Columbia:

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