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fence and paving stone patio vancouver

Cedar Fence Installation Contractor in Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey and White Rock.

Fence Installation

We have been installing fences for years and have only gotten better at it. We have experience installing panel, chain-link, snow, and picket fences, as well as numerous styles of custom cedar fences. We use top grade gate hardware to match the rest of your top quality fence. Most fencing jobs are completed in just a few days so you can get back to enjoying your yard and privacy. If we are replacing an old fence we will tear down and remove the old material for you as well.


Fencing Options

Good fences make for good neighbours. Clearly establish property lines, frame your landscape, and elevate your level of privacy by installing a new fence. We are experts in fencing and will tear down and take away your old and falling apart fence and replace it with one that makes you proud to look outside again and keeps pets in and strangers out. We have experience crafting and installing a variety or types of fences including custom cedar, cedar panels, chain-link and privacy screens.

Custom Cedar Fencing

A custom cedar fence opens a world of possibilities while securing your backyard from trespassers or prying eyes. Available in numerous styles and configurations a custom fence is the perfect option for someone who wants something as practical as it is distinguished. Depending on the type of build, a custom fence could allow more light into a yard or increase your privacy, create a more welcoming statement or be an imposing barrier. Our custom woodwork will draw the attention and admiration of your neighbors and friends and will perfectly fit with the atmosphere of your yard and the rest of the landscape. Whatever your needs a custom cedar fence is a great solution and will give you peace of mind knowing your yard is secure.

Cedar Fence Panels

Cedar Panel fences are a staple in the Fraser Valley for a reason. They are quick to install, strong, relatively inexpensive compared to other options, and of course you can’t beat the look of cedar. Our prefabricated panels are made locally and feature a pressure treated kickboard to prevent the bottom of the fence rotting out. They come in a six or four foot heights and can be solid cedar or have decorative lattice at the top. Whether you just need a few panels replaced after one of our all too frequent wind storms or are looking to transform your yard by completely replacing an old and failing fence we will be able to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Chain Link Fencing

If your goal is simply to keep something out or keep something in, a chain link fence might be the option for you. Although less aesthetically pleasing than our other options, chain link fencing is still standard in any industrial setting due to its strength, price, and installation speed. Chain link can also be fitted with plastic strips that are woven through the fence to increase your privacy.

Privacy Screens / Fencing

Privacy screens are a specialty of ours that often end up being our customers favourite feature of their completed landscape project. Whether you are looking for increased privacy by your hot tub or are hoping to soften some of the harsh afternoon sun, a privacy screen can stretch higher than your existing fence and help keep your neighbours’ eyes off your property. A well-designed privacy screen harmonizes with the surrounding landscape without blocking out the light of day or seeming like an opposing wall. In our complete landscape renovations, we often use privacy screens as visual points of interest as well – they are simply that stunning.

paving stone installation and wood work on  patio

New Cedar Gazebo and Custom Fence Installation in White Rock.

paving stone patio with furniture

Small back yard privacy fencing to hide neighbours old fencing. Surrey, B.C.

Paving stone walkway and fence in Vancouver

New Back Yard Privacy Fencing in Vancouver

Custom Cedar Panel Fence

Custom Cedar Panel Fencing. Stained. Richmond, B.C.

pre fabricated cedar panel fence

Pre Fabricated Custom Cedar Panel Fence Installed in South Surrey.

custom cedar fence neighbour

Semi Private Good Neighbour Custom Cedar Fence.



Other Landscape Installations and Services We Offer throughout Vancouver

We also build retaining walls, offer bobcat & excavation services, landscape design services and many more landscape installations. View all of our landcape construction services here.


How to get pricing for your fencing installation project, landscape design or landscaping construction

If you would like pricing on a project in the Lower Mainland, please complete the form below or call us at 604-454-4954:  

Why is cedar used in fencing?

Cedar is used in fencing do to its natural ability to resist rot and insects. The resins contained in cedar make it hold up in outdoor applications that other wood types simply can’t handle. In fact, cedar is used in numerous outdoor applications such as shakes, saunas, and siding for the same reason. Although more expensive than woods like pine, the durability of cedar make the cost difference negligible. Compared to woods that do just as well outdoors like teak, cedar is actually a bargain.

Should I stain my cedar fence?

Naturally the sun will bleach cedar grey. Some clients of ours love that worn, natural look that really suits mountain cabins or beach cottages. In order to keep that beautiful warm reddish brown colour that characterises cedar however, a stain should be applied. Stains can be sprayed, or hand painted and should only require one even coat. Every few years a fence can be re-stained to bring that eye catching colour back to its full glory.

What is the difference between a custom fence and a panel fence?

A panel fence is assembled or installed using pre-fabricated fence panels. The panels are available in two main heights, with six feet being the taller of the two, and can come with decorative lattice at the top or with solid boards running the full height. To install a panel fence we dig holes for posts, set our posts in concrete, and fit and affix the premade panels between the posts. Panel fences are quick to install, reasonably priced, and extremely common. Custom fences have much more possibilities as to how they can look. They are fully customizable in regard to height, level of privacy they provide, and the overall look. Custom fences really make your yard stand out from the rest on the block but are generally more labour intensive and therefore a bit more expensive.

Can you repair fences?

Fences can absolutely be repaired, and we have considerable experience in that area. As a word of warning however, if your fence is falling apart because of rot and withering boards, it might be time to replace the whole thing at once rather than replacing it one board at a time. Often if a fence begins to fail, the rest of the fence is close behind.

Who pays for a fence between neighbours?

That is a discussion you will need to have with your neighbours. Often, we have been hired by both neighbours and they equally split the cost of their shared fence. At times however replacing a broken fence is a higher priority for one neighbour than the other so they end up paying for the fence themselves. Back fence neighbours, who you may have less of a relationship with, can be hard to co-ordinate with at times but often if the fence is failing, both parties are wanting to have it fixed. It is certainly worth walking over and having a chat to see if you are on the same page.

What is the highest a fence can be?

How high you can build a fence will depend on the bylaws in your city or could even depend on your specific neighbourhood regulations. In Surrey or Langley a fence on a property line can be six feet tall. The rules change however if the fence is around a pool, built on top of a retaining wall or “located in the rear or front setback area”. To be certain you are meeting the bylaws or requirements of your area check your specific areas by law code or have your fence installed by trusted professionals.