Drought Resistant Sod

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Drought resistant sod
Drought resistant sod, once established can reduce the amount of water your lawn will require throughout the year.

Most commonly used by homeowners and landscapers who are looking for a solution to limited water supply

Price: $$

If you have a water shortage issue such as well water or water restrictions, drought resistant type sod might be an option worth exploring. This grass will go dormant or almost dormant in the summer when precipitation is limited. This grass must be first established before the characteristics of this grass will produce any results. To establish this sod a full cycle (year) of growth will be required. This grass is a deep rooting type sod that must be planted on a medium that allows for roots to penetrate deep into the soil.

Seed Mixtures Used

Perennial Ryegrass
Kentucky Bluegrass
*Seed contents and values may change

Uses and Applications West Coast Blend Type Sod

  • Residential Lawns
  • Commercial Sodding Projects
  • City Boulevards
  • Water shortage areas

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