Chafer Beetle Resistant Type Sod

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Grown on natural sandy loam base to give you a nice compaction free surface that is well draining.

A Brief Description of Fescue Type Sod

Chafer beetles resistant sod is designed to limit the chafer beetle decimation in your lawn area by utilizing fescue type grasses that are not typically part of the diet of the chafer beetle. This sod will not eliminate chafer beetles but will increase your chances of having a healthier lawn area over the long run. Most importantly when trying to control the chafer beetle in your Vancouver lawn is maintenance and care of your lawn area. Planting a new healthy lawn will drastically improve your chances of keeping the chafer beetles away, no matter if you use a fescue type sod or not. The fescue roots are not normally eaten by the chafer beetles.

Because chafer beetle resistant sod is composed primarily of fescue type grasses this naturally gives it a little more protections from low levels of light and may perform a little better than other grasses in shaded lawn areas. This fescue type grass is deep rooting, make sure your sod is planted on a good base to allow the roots to penetrate deep.

Seed Mixtures Used

Perennial Ryegrass
Kentucky Bluegrass
*Seed contents may change

Uses and Applications Chafer Beetle Resistant Type Sod

  • Residential Lawns
  • Commercial Sodding Projects
  • City Boulevards

How to control the chafer beetle in your lawn

Please read the link below as the most important items for controlling the chafer beetle are described, purchasing a chafer resistant sod alone will not solve your problem.

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