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Bark Mulches come in a variety of sizes and even two different colours. The size you choose will likely be determined by the size of your garden and even more so by the type of plants in your garden. Whatever type you choose, you are making the right choice if you are tired of constant weeding and want a healthy, fresh, and beautiful looking garden. Our team of landscapers, gardeners, and contractors are at your disposal and eager to bring your garden new life. Need help determining which product is right for you and your garden? Give us a call at 604-454-4954, complete our online quote form, or email us at [email protected]

Bark Mulch is a great landscape ground cover for areas that you cannot grow plants or do not want weed infestations. Use bark mulch to a depth of 3-4 inches to help prevent weed infestations in your yard. Bark mulches come in multiple types available in Vancouver. Help keep your landscape plants moist in hot summer months and warm in cold winter months by top dressing with bark mulch.

Bark Mulch Products Available

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Composted bark mulch (Black)

Composted bark mulch

Bark Mulch Chunk / Nuggets 2-6 Inches

Bark mulch chunks

Standard Hemlock / Fir Bark Mulch 1/2 Inch to 2 inches

Standard hemlock / fir bark mulch

Shredded Hemlock / Fir Bark Mulch

Shredded bark mulch

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What is bark mulch?

Bark mulch is literally the bark from cut timber making it a by-product of the construction industry. The natural benefits of bark mulch such as retaining moisture, regulating soil temperature, and discouraging weed growth all make bark mulch an extremely common choice in many gardens.

Is bark mulch natural?

It sure is. It also has natural look that fits into so many landscapes seamlessly.

Is bark mulch real bark?

Bark mulch is real bark that has been shredded essentially into smaller pieces. These pieces have already started to fall apart as they decompose so that is why bark mulch feels softer than fresh bark.

What is bark mulch good for?

Bark mulch can be used for trails, such as the UBC Research Forrest trails, for playgrounds, or for gardens. It provides a natural looking ground cover that discourages weeds, but still adds nutrients to the surrounding soil as it decomposes.

How much bark mulch should I use?

Although it will depend slightly on the type of mulch and the plants you are placing it around, generally 2-3 inches is sufficient to discourage weeds and therefore limit the amount of maintenance your garden requires, while still allowing your plants to grow and flourish.

Where can I find bark mulch?

Bark mulch can be found at most garden centers or home improvement stores. Larger quantities are available at most landscape suppliers. Need someone to deliver and install it for you? Fill out the our online order form and let us do the rest.

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