Sod Installation Cost For Residential Lawns

Sodded lawn in West Vancouver
Sodded lawn in West Vancouver, Installed by BC Instant Lawns.

The cost of having sod installed for a new residential lawn in the Vancouver area for 2021 will be approx. $2.50-$3.00 per square foot plus gst. Sodding a new lawn includes:

  • Removal of the old lawn
  • Supply and installation of new soil
  • Preparation and final grading
  • Sod supply and installation (Sod Varieties)
  • Rolling and fertilization
  • Site clean up

Please note: Your lawn area must have easy access and be above 1,000 square feet to qualify for this pricing. For sod projects below 1000 square feet, pricing will increase to about $3.00-$5.00 per square foot.

Sod Installation cost for Vancouver Island / Whistler area / Okanagan

The cost of sodding a new residential lawn on Vancouver Island is about $3.00 per square foot for areas above 1,000 square feet.

The above pricing is the same for: Victoria, Nanaimo, Courtenay, Squamish, Whistler, Penticton, Kelowna, Kamloops, Princeton and Osoyoos.

To get an accurate price on sod installation in the Vancouver area or anywhere in British Columbia, please use the link below:

If you’re thinking about replacing your lawn, you may find the following links handy:

When is a good time to plant a lawn

What type of sod should I use?

When can my project be completed

sodding a new lawn
sodding a new lawn

How can I save on lawn installation?

If you need to save a few dollars on your sodding project there are a couple ways you can limit the costs:

  • Dispose of the old sod on your property. By keeping the old sod you save the cost of disposal.
  • Book your project in advance and in slower months. November, February and August are your best bets for the best discount.
installed sod for a new lawn
installed sod for a new lawn

Having a new lawn installed from sod is always the preferred method over seeding. If you need to absolutely save the money, you can seed your lawn area in April. This will save you a few dollars off your sod installation project and MAYBE give you a lawn area again.

If you need to save a few dollars off your sod installation after you get an estimate, call us at 604-454-4954 to discuss options.

How to measure your lawn area for sodding

preparation for a new lawn
preparation for a new lawn using sod

When taking measurements for new lawn areas it is not always easy. Use the following steps:

  1. Break the lawn area into squares.
  2. Measure the length and the width of each square. You don’t need a measuring tape you can pace it off. Each pace is about 3 feet for the average person.
  3. Add in the parts that were shaved off by squaring.
  4. Add up each section to get your total square footage (length x width of each square) or use our turf / sod calculator.

If you have circles or rounded areas you will need the radius of the circle and then use the calculator here.

The best option to measure your lawn area

Please take 5 minutes to get the app below, it might just save you from a costly mistake on measuring.

If you have an iPhone under utilities is a measure app that can be used to calculate distance or a great app that we use is:

Cam To Plan

This app simply walks you around your yard as you click on points and gives you a total square footage. I’ve used it hundreds of time with almost perfect measurements.

After you have your measurements, visit the link below to get an instant price on your sod or an installation estimate:

Another great measuring option

  1. On your computer, open Google Earth.
  2. Search for a place, or select a location on the globe.
  3. On the left, click Measure Measure . Google Earth will switch to a top-down view.
  4. Click the map to set measurement points.
  5. To remove a point, on the right, click Undo Undo.
  6. To complete your line measurement, double-click on your last point, or click Done Done.

On the right, you’ll see the length. Tally up the total square footage and bingo you have your lawn area size, now you can get a price quote instantly for either installation or just the sod and soil materials.

sod farm truck
sod farm truck

How much soil do I need for a new lawn and how do I calculate?

Surrey Sod and Sodding Service

South Surrey New Sod
South Surrey New Sod

BC Instant Lawns is a sod and sodding service providing new grass for lawns in Surrey. Please use our website to find all the information you need:

  • New lawn installation / Sod installations
  • Sodding your own lawn
  • Picking up sod at a location near you
  • Ordering sod for delivery or pick up
  • Maintaining a new lawn after you lay it

Looking to pick up sod in Surrey?

sod roll
sod roll

We have locations near the Surrey area where you can pick up sod rolls for your new lawn project. Our sod pick up location is in Delta or Abbotsford.

Where to buy sod in Surrey?

If you are planning on sodding a new lawn, you can get a price quote and order online to have your sod delivered from the farm into:


Does BC Instant Lawns deliver to Surrey?

We do deliveries throughout Surrey almost daily. If you are planning on planting new grass for your beautiful new lawn area, use our online tools to get all the information you need.

What type of sod do you have?

Ideal lawn types for the Surrey area include:

  • West Coast Premium Blend Sod (Most Commonly used by homeowners and landscapers for residential lawns in B.C.)
  • Shade blend type sod
  • Chafer Beetle Resistant Blend
  • Drought Tolerant Type Grasses
  • Sports Blend for high traffic areas

What areas of Surrey do you service?

We service all areas:

  • Newton
  • Guilford
  • Surrey Town Center
  • Cloverdale
  • South Surrey
  • Also Langley, White Rock and Delta

When is your next delivery to this area?

Our current delivery schedule in the Surrey area is listed below by clicking the link:

How do I maintain my new lawn if I live in Surrey?

If you need more information on how to take care of your new sod, how to install sod, when to water your new lawn or anything else to do with your grass, please use the following helpful links:

Your new lawn maintenance guide

How to control chafer beetles in lawns

When is a good time to plant grass

How to install new sod

North & West Vancouver Lawn Installation and Sod Supplier

North and West Vancouver Sod Installation for a new lawn
North and West Vancouver Sod Installation for a new lawn

Looking for a new lawn installed or sod delivered to North & West Vancouver? BC Instant Lawns delivers to the North Shore of Vancouver frequently. Ordering sod for delivery has never been easier with our online ordering system:

Sod supplier on the North Shore

Use this link below if you are do it yourself and want to complete your sod installation with just purchasing the materials from us:

New lawn installation in North Vancouver and West Vancouver

Healthy lawn area
A healthy lawn area

BC Instant lawns has been installing new lawns for over 23 years around the Lower Mainland and British Columbia. If you would like to view our completed sod installations click to view our photo gallery:

Use this link it you would like BC Instant Lawns to install your new grass lawn in either North Vancouver or West Vancouver:

What type of sod should I use in West and North Vancouver?

preparation for a new lawn
preparation for a new lawn

Deciding on a sod type to use for your new lawn project is made easy by reading this article:

We supply and install all types of sod for lawns in North and West Vancouver British Columbia. Some of the sod varieties to choose from for your next sodding project:

  • West coast premium sod blend
  • Shade sod
  • Chafer beetle resistant sod
  • Drought resistant blend
  • Heavy traffic lawns area type grass.

For more detail on each type of sod and its applications for your project in West or North Vancouver, please view this link:

When are you delivering sod or installing a new lawn next in North Vancouver and West Vancouver?

small sod rolls
Sod rolls delivered for a residential lawn

Our current sod delivery schedule to the North Shore (North & West Vancouver) is listed below, we try to deliver a few time per week:

Our Lawn Installation schedule for West and North Vancouver is listed below:

sod roll
sod roll

Real pet grass pasture sod roll. The cheapest and largest solution for your pets potty pad.

Pet grass
Pet grass replacement, no need for an expensive cardboard box.

Need a cheap solution for your pet potty station? Need a larger pad for your dog? We deliver single rolls of sod for your pet pasture potty station. It’s a great option for those who live in apartments and high-rises in Vancouver. Our pet grass is 2 feet by 4.5 feet, you can use half now and half later if you choose.

We deliver throughout Vancouver every Tuesday.

Order your pet grass potty station replacement roll online. Create a custom pad for your dog or cat (some cats)

We are the lowest cost pet pasture potty pad / station roll provider in Vancouver.

No need for an expensive cardboard box with our name on it, considering what skipper is going to do on his fresh pad, we just prefer to give you a good ol’ roll of organic sod and save you a few bucks. As in the picture above, you can place a plastic sheathing under the roll to prevent runoff. When your pet grass sod roll is expired, simply roll it up and place in the compost.

Receiving your pet potty sod roll

When receiving your sod roll please bring a garbage bag to place the pet grass roll in so you aren’t dragging sand and dirt through your building. We will meet you at your building or leave it off to the side for pick up later.

How to maintain your pet grass potty roll

Your real grass pet potty pasture station sod roll will last about 10-14 days before a replacement will be required. Apply a little water every few days to help keep your grass roll alive and well.

Can I pick up my pad for my dog?

Sure, we have pick up options but we offer real cheap delivery options.

How big is your pasture?

Our pet grass roll size is 9 square feet. 2 feet by 4.5 feet. Need it smaller, simply just cut off a piece and save it for later.

Order your real grass pasture roll online

Place your order online for your pet grass roll and we’ll see you on Tuesday. We have many options to meet you and your pets needs.

When is the best time to plant a new lawn in Vancouver?

Installing a new lawn
Planting / Rolling out a new lawn.

The best time to plant a new lawn in Vancouver is April through October. This doesn’t mean you cannot plant from November until March. You can plant a new lawn all year round.

Why is April through to October the best time to plant new sod?

The sod will have a chance to root in immediately. This process normally takes about 7-10 days during growing season (April – October).

There is no real chance of frozen ground. Installing sod when the weather is below freezing is impossible, the rolls of sod cannot be harvested or unrolled and the ground must be thawed before installing a new lawn.

It’s nice to work outside in moderate weather. Normally during this time period we can catch a break from the rainfall, installing sod on muddy ground is difficult work.

What about installing turf in August and hot summer months?

No problem, just be around to water the lawn for the next 2 weeks. Lawn irrigation systems work best for larger areas when installing a new lawn in summer. Recently, Municipalities have increased taxes for water usage by way of permit requirements for lawn watering. The current watering restrictions do not allow for enough water while the new sod is rooting thus a watering permit is required.

What happens if I install my new lawn in winter months?

When you install a new lawn in winter, the sod may slowly root in when we have temperature increases but do not expect much growth during this time. The chances of the sod not rooting at all may be likely in shaded areas, use caution when planting a lawn in shaded areas during any month. Winter will have negative effect of thinning out your lawn, some grasses will not survive winter and will need to be re-seeded come spring.

Why is my neighbour installing a new lawn in December?

Sounds crazy, but it happens. Your neighbour is probably trying to complete his reno / build project and obtain his occupancy permit from the municipality or get money back from them. 

Planting sod in winter may be a better option than leaving the ground bare and having a huge weed problem in early spring. Weeds seem to grow faster and at all seasons, leaving the ground bare may surprise you come spring with a huge prep job that could cost much more.

Will frost damage the new lawn?

Frost and cold temperatures itself will not damage new sod. If you use the area for walking or playing, do not use the area while frozen. Walking on frozen grass doesn’t do the plant any good.

Need sod pricing /order online

Get a new lawn installation estimate….Instantly

How to maintain a lawn in shaded conditions, 10 easy steps.

shaded lawn area
A shaded lawn area may be difficult to maintain throughout the entire year if enough light is not present.

A shaded lawn area can be difficult to keep a lush healthy lawn surface if not enough light is present particularly in winter months when the sun is very low in the sky. Many shaded lawns will turn to moss and allow weeds to penetrate, lets try to help you out a bit by going through a 10 easy steps that may solve your problem:

  1. Allow the light to shine. If possible open the lawn area up to allow more light.
  2. Apply lime once a year. Lime will adjust the ph balance of your soil and may strengthen your grass.
  3. Over seed with a fast germinating grass seed. Use a rye grass type seed mixed in with a fescue. This will give you fast ground coverage while the shade type seed are germinating. Do this often.
  4. Fertilize the lawn area often, but use less fertlizer. Feed you grass more often in shaded areas than in regular lawn areas but feed it less per application.
  5. Always keep debris off the lawn area. Use a leaf blower to remove excess debris from your lawn.
  6. Limit foot traffic. Worn down grass will become weak and turn to mud, limit the traffic and allow the shaded lawn to recover before using again.
  7. Mow at a minimum 3 inch height. By keeping the grass blades a little longer we are adding just a little more strength to the shaded area.
  8. Be patient. It takes time to recover a lawn in a shaded area.
  9. You need heat in the soil to have grass grow. December / January/ February / March are not times when shaded area lawns will do well.
  10. Plant a shade tolerant type sod. Sod grown with a fescue type grass seed will survive better in shaded lawn areas.

The list above will be basically everything you can do to help your lawn out in shaded lawn area, beyond this list of 10 things I would seriously consider other options for your area. Shade loving ground plants, gravel, mulches or paving stones are just a few other options.

Where to buy shade tolerant sod in Vancouver, B.C.

Use the link below to get pricing and order shade type sod online from BC Instant Lawns:

Learn more about shade tolerant sod

Where to buy sod rolls in Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey and Delta.

Buy sod rolls anywhere in British Columbia from BC Instant Lawns and Landscapes, your local turf grass sod supplier.

sod roll
Sod rolls can be purchased throughout Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey, Delta or anywhere in British Columbia when ordering online here.

Looking to sod a whole new lawn or just to buy a few pieces of turf for your lawn installation project? 

BC Instant Lawns is a turf grass sod supplier throughout Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey and Delta in the Lower Mainland. We sell real grass rolls.

We have delivery service or pick up is available at the farm located in Abbotsford or pick up in Delta. Please be sure to pre-order your sod rolls before picking up.

Pallets of sod
Pallets of sod

How to order sod and how much does sod cost?

Use the link below to get a price and order sod either picked up or delivered in Vancouver, Surrey, Delta, Richmond or anywhere in British Columbia:

You may also pick up from one of our job sites within the Vancouver area (If we are installing turf in that area). Please call us at 604-454-4954 to see where one of our lawn installation sites may be. It would be best if you could please pre-order turf rolls 24-48 hours in advance so we can make arrangements for pick up or delivery to you. You can see our current schedule for pick up and delivery here:

Please consider how much turf you can put into your vehicle, driving with heavy loads may be dangerous. Each roll of sod may weigh 25-75lbs. depending on the weather.

Our turf rolls are delivered fresh to our job sites or cut daily from the turf farm, turf is a perishable product and must be unrolled within 2-3 days during normal weather and less than 24 hours in hot weather conditions. 

sod roll
sod roll

Sod rolls will start to decompose if left rolled up and will not be usable, be sure you are buying fresh turf rolls especially in hot weather.

Before buying sod rolls for your lawn

Picking up sod in Delta and Abbotsford.
Picking up sod in Delta and Abbotsford.

Before installing new grass you should prepare your ground and apply a root starter fertilizer. A good new turf fertilizer to help establishmentis a 10-30-10 type product applied at a rate of 2 lbs per 1000 sq. feet.

Ensure that the new turf will be planted on a good quality soil. Turf type soil is available from BC Intant Lawns in Vancouver, we can ship directly to you.

After installing your new turf, apply water and maintain moisture in the sod until the roots have taken to the soil. Under normal growing condtions this will take 10-14 days for the turfgrass to take.

When can you install sod in Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond, Delta or BC?

Turf can be installed year round in the Vancouver area. When its icy and cold we prefer to wait until it warms up a bit. We cannot harvest the turf when the ground is frozen or under water.

How to install sod and prepare your new lawn

Installing sod / turf grass

Use the link below to learn more about sodding a new lawn:

Need just a roll of sod for your pet?

If you need just a single roll of sod for your pet grass station, click here to order online:

Pet grass
Pet grass roll for a customer in a high-rise in Vancouver

We deliver sod into the following Vancouver neighbourhoods:

  • Kitsilano
  • Point Grey
  • Kerrisdale
  • East Vancouver
  • Downtown
  • Around the PNE
  • Marpole
  • Throughout British Columbia

In and around Surrey we deliver to:

  • Newton
  • Fleetwood
  • Cloverdale
  • North Delta
  • White Rock
  • Highpoint
  • Langley

We also service all of Richmond and Steveston area.

BC Instant Lawns Sod and Turf Grass Supplier Vancouver, British Columbia

BC Instant Lawns is your local sod / turf farm supplier company. Are you looking for a few rolls or an entire new lawn? We deliver and have pick up options in Delta.

Fresh sod
Fresh sod
small sod rolls
small sod rolls

My lawn isn’t looking so good, what can i do?

Chafer Beetle in a Vancouver lawn
Chafer Beetle in a Vancouver lawn

Your lawn is a living thing. It requires certain conditions to grow properly and thrive. let’s look at a list of things that require your lawn to grow:

  1. Sunlight
  2. Water
  3. Food
  4. Heat
  5. A non toxic environment

If you are missing any of the components above your lawn will fail to grow properly. In order to fix your lawn you need to decide where the deficiencies may be and take corrective action. Let’s explore each one and come up with some solutions to help solve your lawn problem:


Without sunlight your lawn will fail, perhaps slowly or maybe really fast. If you plant sod in a non direct sunlight area where moss was present prior to installation, the likelihood that your new sod will become thin and muddy looking after a few short weeks on the ground is fairly high. Lawns need direct sunlight for at least 50% of the day in order to survive the whole year. You need to either not plant grass is this area or plan on repairing this area frequently.

Corrective Actions for low sunlight areas:

  1. Create more light (if possible)
  2. Do not plant grass is low light areas.
  3. Over seed frequently (4 times a year in growing seasons)
  4. Fertilize often.
  5. keep debris off the area.
  6. Apply lime.
  7. Do not mow short.
  8. Plant a shade tolerant type sod. Although this is not a complete solution to the problem it will increase your chances of survival throughout the entire year.

Some will accept the fact that the area where they have problems with low levels of light the sod does not make it through an entire year and re-plant sod every spring.

Watering Lawns and Sod

Your lawn requires water to grow or some grasses will go into a dormant state while others will die off and need to be replanted. Then on the other hand water soaked areas will kill off many grass types. Lawns prefer to have a well drained type soil that allow for constant moisture. This isn’t difficult to obtain if we construct the lawn area using the proper type and depth of soil to grow the new lawn upon. Many places today are concerned about using potable water as a source for lawn watering and this further complicates the issue of allowing your lawn to have water when it needs it most.

Corrective actions for water issues in Lawns:

  1. Allow for proper drainage in your lawn.
  2. Construct your lawn using a minimum of 3 inches of a well draining soil. 6 inches is best but can become very costly to construct. You will find that the deeper the well drained soil the less you need to water after your sod has established.
  3. Do not hand water your lawn, it’s not effective in providing deep watering less often. Unless you can use a fire hose with a high frequency output. Go ahead and test this in late summer, stand in one spot for 5 minutes and then scratch the surface to see how far the water has penetrated into the soil.
  4. Use a sprinkler or lawn irrigation system. Irrigation systems now have water sensors that can switch on and off with moisture content deep in the soil.

Your lawn will not require much water throughout the year if constructed properly, pay attention to the temperature of the ground to assess the amount of evaporation that may occur through the week.

Lawn Food

Feeding your lawn is a bit of a mystery for some and many are convinced that the name brand on the package will surely give them a better lawn. There are 3 basic chemicals that make up lawn fertilizer and each plays a role in the growth of your lawn area:

  1. N – Nitrogen
  2. P – Phosphorus
  3. K – Potassium

The items are expressed in order on the bag in terms of percentages, for example:


Gives us:

10% of the bag by weight is Nitrogen, 20% of the bag by weight is Phosphorus, 14% of the bag by weight is Potassium.

Now if we discover what each element does to our lawn:

N – Top growth
P- Root Growth
K – All round plant health
Scotts – It’s a name and does nothing

Remember the chemical type fertilizer is water soluble and will run out of your lawn if much water is applied. To apply a fertilizer to your lawn a good choice will be a slow release type fertlizer, this allow the grain to feed the plant slowly when exposed to moisture. This will also prevent runoff from your lawn area.

If your lawn is yellowing in growing season and not growing fast and your certain other elements are not affecting the growth of your lawn, apply a fertilizer to your lawn area. Using an equally balanced type fertlizer such as 20-20-20 or similar will provide you results within a week. Apply only 2-3 lbs. per 1000 square feet and do not apply less that 45 days between applications. If that does not produce results you may want to look into possibility of a toxic lawn area or incorrect ph balance meaning acidic or alkaline area.

Temperature of the soil

Lawns do not grow when the soil is cool, they sit dormant. As the temperature of the soil rises the lawn area will wake up from dormancy and begin to grow. Many are concerned in March that there must be something wrong with their lawn when if fact it’s still dormant from the winter. Before judging your lawn by its colour, wait until the soil temperature comes up in April.

Soil Ph balance of your lawn

It’s an okay practice to apply lime to your lawn once a year, but do you really know what you are doing? Many people do not have a clue what the ph balance of their soil is and yet run out and apply lime to their lawn, that’s what makes us all great scientists. When your ph balance of your lawn is off, the grass will not accept food and your lawn will not grow properly. Test your soil, if you have a problem that wasn’t solved by following the list above, get a baseline to start from. Please don’t randomly throw products on your lawn.

To figure out when to apply fertlizer, over seed, lime and when to water your lawn, please read:

Healthy lawn area
A healthy lawn area