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Looking for a Turf Grass or Sod Supplier in the Vancouver area?

BC Instant Lawns and Landscapes is your turf and sod supplier for the Vancouver Lower Mainland area. If you require a single roll or multiple pallets of sod, we can supply you. We have deliveries daily within the city and surrounding areas. Now you can order on-line by clicking Buy Sod Now in the navigation bar or visit our on-line store.

Please browse our turf grass varieties to choose a new lawn that is ideal for your property. We have turf with no netting, turf for shadded areas as well as our premium residential blend.

If your interested in obtaining a turf delivery or pick up estimate or placing an order, please call or complete the contact form.

Looking for a small quantity of turf?

We can deliver any sized turf order. If you're looking for just a single roll or an entire new lawn, we can make arrangements for you to pick up or deliver to you.

Need your turf installed?

BC Instant Lawns and landscapes is not only a supplier but a turf grass installer. If you require an on-site estimate for your new lawn to be installed please call or send us a message by completing the form we will reply with an estimate as soon as possible.

Buying Sod in the Vancouver Area just got a whole lot easier

Get a Price Quote and Order Sod on-line now!

buy sod online here

Click on the On-line store in the navigation menu or Buy Sod Now from your mobile phone.

Some questions and answers to common questions about buying sod or turf...

What size are your turf / sod rolls that you supply?

The turf / sod rolls are 2 feet wide by 4 feet 3 inches long.

How many turf / sod rolls do I need?

To calculate the amount of turf rolls you require, take your total square footage and divide by 8.5. Add a few extra rolls for trimming and cutting if your property is not perfectly square.

What type of turf should I order?

Browse our turf grass varieties section.

How much does turf cost?

Turf prices vary depending on the type and order size. Before requesting an estimate it is a good idea to calculate your area size.

Prices generally range from $0.35-$1.00 per square foot + delivery depending on turf type and order size.

How much is delivery?

Delivery charges are based on order size and location. Small deliveries are approx. $85, while larger deliveries are charged per roll by location.

Where and what size can I pick up?

In most cases we can make arrangements for you to pick up from our job site throughout the Vancouver or Lower Mainland or from the farm in Abbotsford. All pick up orders must be placed in advance, normally 24-48 hrs.

A regular sized truck can safely carry 400 square feet, a small truck can safely carry 250 square feet, a car may carry less than 100 square feet of turf. Turf rolls will vary in weight significantly depending on the weather.

We will advise you as to the best option either pick up or delivey.

For more answers to questions about turf, visit the link below:

Frequently Asked New Lawn Questions

New Lawn Guide

We Deliver Turf and Install new lawns throughout the following areas:

Vancouver / North & West Vancouver

Richmond / Delta / Surrey

Burnaby / New Westminster / Coquitlam

Langley / South Surrey / White Rock

Squamish / Whistler / Vancouver Island

Okanagan / Penticton / Kelowna / Kamloops

Victoria / Nanaimo / Courtenay

sod installed on a residential lawn