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Quality Top Soil Products

Having a good quality top soil is the foundation of having great looking plants, lawns and vegetables. When constructing planters make sure you have a 18 inch depth of top soil. Lawn areas should be constructed with a 3 inch depth . If you are planting vegetables, I can personally recommend our Veggie Mix top soil as I have used it in my own garden for years, Use a minimum 18 inch depth. Top dressing is only needed at a 1 inch depth across your entire lawn.

Please browse all of our top soil products. We can calculate how many cubic yards you require if you know the area size in square feet and the depth of the material. We give you prices, our current delivery schedule and the capability to order online instantly.

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Planter Mix Top Soil

planter mix top soil

Planter mix is ideal for planting all your plants around home in. Construct planters with 18-24 inches of Planter mix soil. This mixture is well draining and nutrient balanced to give your plants everything they need to be strong and healthy throughout the year.

Turf Blend Top Soil

turf blend top soil

Turf blend soil is perfect for planting new lawns in. Use at a depth of 3-6 inches for new lawns. This top soil mixture is composed of 60-70% washed sand to allow for proper winter drainage and compaction free lawns. BC Instant lawns is the creator and designer or this turf blend soil and has used it on our lawns for many years. It is wood chip free and nutrient balanced.

Veggie Blend Top Soil

Vegetable Blend Top Soil, Veggie Mix

I have personally used this soil in my garden for years. This mix is perfect for growing vegetables. Use at a depth of 18-24 inches minimum. Raised gardens and boxes should use a minimum of 24 inches. You may ammend your existing soil with this veggie mix.

Lawn Top Dressing Mix Top Soil

Lawn Top Dressing Mix Top Soil

Top dress your lawn with this mixture at no more than 1 inch per application. Don't drown your lawn area. Its mainly washed sand and nutrients. Easy to use when dry.

Top Soil Amender

top soil ammender mix

This ammender is great to add to existing planters, give a nutrient shot to your plants to help them grow strong again.

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