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Welcome to Lawn Sod Store, servicing the Vancouver area. We are your best choice for top quality new sod and lawn maintenance products.

sod rollBuy Fresh Sod - Delivered Daily to Metro Vancouver

Now you can order any sized sod order on-line and get fast delivery anywhere in the Vancouver area. From 1 roll to an entire new lawn.

Excellent quality sod grass at great prices, we are now harvesting at the turf farm and delivering daily. Click below to begin:

Get a price quote for sod rolls and order on-line now

Buy Quality Top Soil - Delivered Delivery to Metro Vancouver

Do you need a quality top soil with your new sod or new garden bed in the Vancouver region? We sell premium sand based soils for all your new lawn and Garden needs.

Use our Soil Calculator to determine how much new top soil you require, get a price and order it online, click below.

Get a price quote for turf blend or garden blend soil and order on-line now

Buy Lawn Fertilizer and Seed

To purchase this item, please call 604-454-4954

20-20-20 10lbs. $24.95

20-20-20 20lbs. $39.95

Winter-Fert Application 10lbs. $49.95

Premium Overseed 10lbs (3000 square feet coverage) $99.95

Pro-Sport Seed Mix 10lbs $109.95

Home Delivery: $19.00

Lawn Sprinklers and Services

Motion Sensor sprinkler $99.00

in-ground Irrigation System annual blow outs $120.00

in-ground irrigation system annual start ups $100.00


Pet Grass Rolls

Downtown Vancouver and nearby areas:

We deliver every Tuesday and/or Wed. evenings between 5-8pm.

Please text 604-454-4954 to arrange a weekly delivery of a single sod roll.

Single Roll Delivered Weekly $30.00

or Monthly Subscribtion $99.00


Lawn Mowing and Maintenance Services

Lawn Mowing - Not Set Up - Call Office

Lawn Fertilization Service - Not Set Up - Call Office

Lawn Over seed application - Not Set Up - Call Office



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