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Vancouver's Lawn Sod Store

Welcome to Lawn Sod Store, servicing the Vancouver area. We are your best choice for top quality new sod, soil, fertilizer, seed, and lawn maintenance services online.

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1. Buy Sod - Order Online

Now you can order any sized sod order on-line and get fast delivery anywhere in the Vancouver area, servicing Whistler to Hope regularly. From 1 roll to an entire new lawn.

Excellent quality sod grass at great prices, we are now harvesting at the turf farm and delivering daily. Click below to begin:

Get a price quote for sod rolls and order on-line now

2. Buy Turf Blend Top Soil - Order Online - Ideal for new lawns

Do you need a quality turfblend top soil for your new lawn project? We sell a premium top soil blend specifically designed for new sod installation.

Use our Soil Calculator to determine how much new top soil you require, get a price and order your top soil online, click below.

Get a price quote for turfblend top soil and order on-line

3. Buy Turf Blend Top Soil and Sod Together (Save 10% on both orders)

If you order both top soil and sod from BC Instant Lawns we will give you 10% off both orders. We will deliver your top soil and sod at your selected dates, use the link below to get a quote with a 10% savings:

Get a price for top soil and sod together

4. Buy Lawn Fertilizer and Overseed Custom Packs - Order online

20-20-20 type lawn fertilizer and Supreme Over Seed custom packaged for clients 1 year supply based on your square footage of your lawn area.

To purchase fertilizer and over seed, view a fertilization / Over seed schedule and determine your amount per application, please click here

5. Buy Grass Seed - Order Online

You can now buy premium quality grass seed online from us. We offer all the same varieties we offer in sod. Use our online tool to order exactly how much grass seed you need, we will custom package and ship to you. You can also order turfblend type soil, fertilizer and overseed in the same order.

To Purchase Grass Seed, please click here

6. Premium Lawn Maintenance Program - Order online

We offer an inclusive lawn maintenance program. Fertilization, overseeding, lime application, chafer beetle nematode application and weed control.

We do everything for your lawn except the mowing. All you need is the size of your lawn area to complete the on-line quote.

To get a quote and purchase our Premium Lawn Maintenance program please click here

7. Get A Lawn Replacement / Installation Estimate On-Line

Need a great new lawn? We offer lawn replacement and installation services. All you need to know is the size of the area you want to replace or install and you can get an instant estimate online. If you need assistance, we can come to your site and provide a written estimate in person, send us an email or call 604-454-4954.

Click here to get an instant online new lawn replacement / installation estimate


8. Landscape Supply Store - Bark Mulches, Sands, Top Soils, Gravel, River Rock, Plants,Trees and more- Order On-line

Get pricing and order online for: Composted bark mulch, washed river sand, seachelt type sand and lawn area top dressing and a variety of other landscape materials for your project from our Landscape Supply Store. Buy Top Soil for your Planter or Vegetable Garden.

Click here to get pricing and order landscape materials now

In-Ground Lawn Sprinklers and Irrigation Systems & Services - Call us or Email for a quote

We install lawn irrigation system, ask us for an estimate.

In-ground Irrigation System annual blow outs

In-ground irrigation system annual start ups

Irrigation repairs

Emergency waterline services


Pet Grass Rolls

Buy pet grass sod rolls online now

Downtown Vancouver and all around the Lower Mainland. Get your Pet Grass Sod Roll for your cat or dog delivered or pick it up yourself. Order online here.




Frequently Asked New Lawn Questions