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River Rock Products

River rock is an excellent choice for ground coverage around homes and landscapes in Vancouver. River rock comes in 1/2 inch, 1 inch, 2 inch and 2-6 inch sizes.

River rocks as the name suggests are smooth and beautiful just like the rocks you might find near the Chilliwack or Fraser rivers. Time and water have worked together to polish these rocks into the perfect material for us to use for several applications. They can be both decorative in the case of a dry river bed and garden edging or extremely functional in cases where excellent drainage is required while keeping maintenance extremely minimal. Click on each of the product links below to learn more and help pick which size and type of rock is right for you. Looking for a quote? You can reach us by calling 604-454-4954, completing the form below, or emailing us at

River Rock Products Available - Click to select a product for pricing and ordering online.

1/2 Inch Round River Rock

1/2 inch river rock round

1 Inch Round River Rock

1 inch river rock round

2 Inch Round River Rock

2 inch river rock round

2-6 Inch Round River Rock

2-6 inch river rock round

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