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2019 Promotions and Special Offers From BC Instant Lawns

1. Spring 2019 - New Lawn Installation for all homeowners

Lawn Replacement Special Pricing $2.49 Per Square Foot*

Only Available with an online estimate

(Regular Price $3.00-$4.00 per square foot)

*To qualify for the special price, minimum area size must be over 900 square feet. Area sizes below 900 square feet will be charged at our regular rates. Includes old lawn removal and disposal, 3 inches of premium turf type topsoil, premium grade West Coast blend sod, labor and machinery, Taxes additional. Prices may change depending on difficuty of access to lawn area. Only available online.

Offer Expires May 1, 2019

2. Spring 2019 - Purchasing Sod and Top Soil Together Save 10% with your discount code after your first purchase.

Save 10% off your purchase of soil or sod after your first purchase with BC Instant Lawns. Once your first order is completed we will include a discount code to be used for your next purchase with BC Instant Lawns.

* When purchasing top soil and sod together, seperate orders must be placed as this is two seprate deliveries on different trucks.

Buy Turf or Top Soil Here

3. Spring 2019 - Save 50% off Fertilizer and Overseed Packages with your discount code from a previous purchase with us.

Use your discount code provided to you when you place your soil or sod order to save 50% off a fertilizer and overseed package from BC Instant Lawns.  Order Fertilizer & Overseed Packages Here

4. Spring 2019 - Save 25% off Lawn Maintenance Services with your discount code from a previous purchase with us.

Use your discount code provided by email when you make your first purchase online to save 25% on lawn maintenance services offered from BC Instant Lawns Order Lawn Maintenance Services Here