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Order Small Sod Amounts &
Pet Grass Rolls / Single Turf Grass Rolls

Downtown Vancouver Delivery Daily - Order Online

If you need one or a few rolls of sod for your lawn project or pet, we can deliver or you can pick it up yourself. Use the form below to get a price quote and order your sod / pet grass rolls today:

Pet grass rolls are used for pet potty stations outdoors. Single rolls of sod are normally disposed of in the compost after your pet has finished with it. Most customers with dogs or cats will order a couple rolls at a time and get another couple sod rolls a couple weeks later.

We deliver your pet grass rolls in the following areas:

Vancouver, Richmond, Delta, Surrey, Langley, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Abbotsford and Downtown Vancouver.

Delivery can be scheduled in the mornings or afternoon/evening time.

The Pet Grass Sod Roll Pick up location is in Delta, British Columbia

The Pet Grass Sod Roll is used for potty training your cat or dog, for animals recovering from injury, for pets that can't make it up or down stairs any more and for condo owners that need to keep the exterior area clean. Pet Grass Sod Rolls are mainly for outdoor areas but can be used indoor if placed in a water tight container. When you are fininshed with your Pet Grass Sod Rolls you can simply place it in the green bin or compost.

If you receive a couple of grass rolls and are only going to use one at a time, you should unroll the sod roll in storage to allow for the grass to breathe. Unroll it for a few minutes to allow for oxygen to get to the grass and the heat to disipate away. The Pet Grass Sod Roll will decompose if left rolled up for long periods and even shorter periods when the outdoor temperature in above 15 degrees C.

After your cat or dog has finished doing their business, you can place some water on the Pet Grass Sod Roll. During warm weather periods, you should apply a little water daily to your grass roll.

When customers take receipt of their Pet Grass Roll they should use a large bag to carry through the house. The Pet Grass Sod Roll can be muddy and heavy during periods of precipitation.

Please place you order above on the form. Once your Pet Grass Sod Roll order is received we will ba calling you to work out specific delivery or pick up instructions.

Thank you for your inquiry, we hope your cat or dog will get much appreciation from the Pet Grass Sod Roll from BC Instant Lawns.

Need help? Email us now: or Call 604-454-4954

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