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Premium Lawn Maintenance Program throughout Vancouver

BC Instant Lawns does everything except the mowing. Use the form above to get a quote and order your premium lawn maintenance service package.




Custom Lawn Care / Maintenance Service Packages Include:

Custom designed lawn maintenance packages based on your lawn square footage.

Fertilization applications.

Lime applications.

Grass Overseed and lawn patch repairs.

Winterization Fertilizations.

Our Lawn Maintenance Service Area includes:

Vancouver / North Vancouver / West Vancouver / Richmond / Delta / Surrey / Abbotsford / Chilliwack
Burnaby / New Westminster / Coquitlam / Langley / South Surrey / White Rock / Maple Ridge / Mission

Why Use our Premium Lawn Maintenance Program Services

If you have recently installed a new lawn from sod or seed and want to keep it looking great, use our professional premium lawn maintenance services.

On average we will visit your lawn once a month to assess the health and report on any improvments that could be made to improve growth.

Use the form below to enter your lawn area square footage:




If you need assistance and are not interested in purchasing an entire lawn care maintainer Program:

We offer lawn seed, lawn fertilizer and grass overseed through our online sod store.

Browse our website it is designed to answer questions such as:

When should I fertilize my lawn? How Often should I fertilize my lawn?

How much fertilizer should I apply to my lawn?

What type of fertilizer should I apply to my lawn?

What type of seed should I use to overseed my lawn?

How much grass seed should I use to overseed my lawn, can I fertilize at the same time?

When should I seed my lawn?