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Lawn Removals / Sod Cutter Service

Thinking about removing your old lawn and replacing with new sod? BC Instant Lawns and landscapes offers sod cutting service and new lawn installations throughout Vancouver.

Our sod cutter can cut your old lawn out with ease. Replacing your old torn up, weedy lawn with a newly sodded one, is a great way to add value and beauty to your home. If you're thinking about selling your home, add instant value with a lawn removal and replacement.

To obtain an estimate for our sod cutter service and new lawn installation, contact us via the form on this page or call us at 604-454-4954. We offer free on site lawn replacement estimates within Vancouver and service can be started within the week.

Most lawn removals and sod cutting service is required for homeowners who have:

1. European grub infestations

2. Old weedy lawns

3. Lawns with poor soil conditions or poor drainage.

Questions about Sod Cutter Service

How deep does the sod cutter cut out my old lawn?

Each pass of the sod cutter can cut to a depth of 3".

How do you dispose of the old lawn?

Old lawns are disposed into a disposal bin that is delivered to the site. Once the sod is cut with the sod cutter, it can be rolled up and loaded into the bin.

How long does a lawn replacement take?

BC Instant Lawns can normally offer service within a week and complete your project within a couple days.

How much does a lawn replacement / sod cutter service cost?

The easiest way to get pricing is to contact us for a free on-site estimate or discuss details of your lawn removal project on the telephone. Estimates will include pricing for:

1. Removing your old lawn with our sod cutting machine

2. Disposal of the old lawn

3. Top soil supply, installation and preparation

4. Your new lawn, supply and installation.


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