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Turf / Sod Farm Supplier In Kamloops (Princeton, Merritt and Tulameen), Buy Online. Residential Lawns.

Sod rolls delivered fresh from the turf farm.

You may get a price quote and order sod for delivery by clicking on the link:


Get a Price and Order Sod Here


kamloops new sod lawn

sod on a pallet for a residential new lawn

We are a sod farm supplier servicing the Kamloops and Merritt area weekly.

Thinking about sodding your lawn and wondering what sod / turf prices are in Kamloops, Merritt or Princeton? Use the link below to get a price quote instantly and order sod rolls online for delivery

We offer a Kentucky Blue Grass Turf Blend. Grown on Pure Washed Sand, Weed Free, No Netting.The wear tolerant seed mixture allows for heavy duty traffic with minimal recovery time from damage. This sod contains no netting and is ideal for beautiful residential lawns in the Merritt, Tulameen and Kamloops area of British Columbia.

In the Kamloops area we service the following cities: Princeton, Merritt, Tulameen and the entire Okanagan.


All you need is your square footage and we will convert your area size to how many rolls of sod you require.

Do you have questions or need assistance? Complete the form below, we call you within a few moments.


Your local turf farm supplier in Kamloops and Merritt.

Nursery sod rolls sold fresh from the farm, We deliver weekly for most part of the year.