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Increase your home value fast with a simple trick....lawn replacement.

Many people often wonder what is the best home renovation to increase home value with the least amount of expense. Hands down the least expensive project is going to be a lawn replacement. Have a look at the chart below:

Lawn Replacement Costs and Reasons Why Customers Do it

kamloops new sod lawn

Areas 900-2000 square feet = $2.49 per square foot

Lawn areas above 2000 square feet = $2.00 per square foot

Lawn Areas below 900 square feet = $3-$6 per square foot

After reading above, can you tell me, what other renovation is going to cost less on a square foot basis and give you that amazing new lawn look in a single day? How much curb appeal did we just add to your home? How many thousand in value?

We have replaced thousands of lawn of the the past 20 years in business and the one thing I noticed quickly when I first started is most people replacing their lawns was not for their personal enjoyment, it was to help sell their home fast at a greater value.


sod on a pallet for a residential new lawn

How to get a lawn replacement estimate instantly

Getting a lawn replacement estimate is easy. All you need is square footage of your lawn area you want replaced and then click here

How long does a lawn replacement project take?

BC Instant Lawns can normally service you within a week. Lawn replacements in most cases can be completed in one day, depending on the size of your lawn area.

We have a current schedule updated regularly click here

What areas do we service?

We service Vancouver, Vancouver Island and the Okanagan areas.

What time of year can you replace lawns?

You can do a lawn replacement all year round except when the ground is frozen. For more information you may read when to plant a new lawn


If you are thinking about selling your home or have it listed already we can help you increase your house value. Call us today to get more information at 604-454-4954.