Current Conditions for Sod Pick Up, Turf Delivery, Top Soil Delivery and New Lawn Installations through Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

When can you deliver to me? When can you install my new lawn? When and where can I pick up turf?

Information Last Updated: 08/15/2018 4:06 PM

New Lawn Installation Timeframe:


Wednesday August 22, 2018


Sod Delivery Timeframe:


Lower Mainland delivery time: Monday August 20, 2018 -- - -- Okanagan: 10 days -- - -- Victoria: Delivery within 7 days -- - -- Squamish Whistler: 48 hour notice 

Turf Pick Up Availability:


Friday August 17, 2018 Abbotsford

Top Soil Delivery Availability:


Monday August 20, 2018, 2018


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Use the current sod conditons to answer such questions as:

When can I pick up sod / turf near me?
Where can I pick up sod / turf near me?
We will put special turf pick up or delivery offers under this section that may come up when we have extra sod on a Job site that needs to be sold fast.

When can I get sod / turf delivered to me in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland?

When can you install my new lawn?