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Buying Cheap Sod Grass, Sod Rolls For Sale, New Lawns in British Columbia

Use Caution when buying cheap sod, although deals can found when a contractor has excess supply that is fresh (Delivered the same day).

I'll make you a deal to make your sod purchase a little cheaper. After you place your order online for your sod delivery or pick up: ORDER HERE. Email: the word ZEBRA with your full name and I will refund $50.00 to your credit card. That makes your sod purchase a little cheaper for you. *Order must be over $250.00

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How cheap is sod?

Sod grass rolls cost about $0.35 to $0.99 per square foot, I have even seen them as expensive as $2.00 a square foot for golf course style grasses. During certain times of the year you may be able to buy discounted sod from sod farms because they need to clear out the fields to replant for the next year. Lately in the Vancouver and Lower Mainland area this has not been the case as real estate values have climbed and along with it so have sod prices. No more cheap sod, sorry.

What is the cheapest sod I can buy for my new lawn?

The cheapest sod I have seen in 2019 is anout $0.35 per square feet plus delivery. But of course that is based on a high volume purchase and without shipping included. Buying cheap sod is not always the best route to go, read below to see the exact reasons.

Is there a quality difference between cheap and expensive sod rolls?

Yes, you get what you pay for. Cheap sod normally indicated that there is something wrong; weeds, thickness, grass color, age, etc. Expensive should be brilliant green, thick with grass blades, almost weed free and cool to the touch (fresh sod roll).

Why would sod be sold cheap?

Sod may be cheap for a couple of reasons. Excess amount left over on a job site and poor grass quality. If a contractor has extra sod rolls on a job site, be somewhat cautious as to the age of the sod rolls. Sod will go bad after a certain amount of time left rolled up. Any signs of black and slimy and the grass rolls will not be acceptable for use on a new lawn. During cool periods sod may stay rolled up for almost a week and be just fine, during hot periods, you have about 24 hours or less to install the sod rolls on your new lawn.

Poor sod quality is another reason sod may be sold cheap. Poor sod quality refers to a few things: Weed content, color of the grass, age of the grass (Roots have knitted together), thickness and lushness of the grass. It's fairly easy to determine if the sod is good quality just by opening up a roll and looking at it. Feel for heat on the inside of the roll. If its hot to the touch, lay the sod asap.

Where do you have pick up and delivery for sod grass rolls?

We have pick up in Abbotsford at the sod farm. We also may have pick up at one of our sodding projects throughout Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey and the Lower Mainland. We deliver throughout British Columbia, Vacouver, Vancouver Island and the Okanagan.

Summary of Cheap Sod Grass Rolls

Buying cheap sod may be hassle if you get home and discover that your sod is yellow, black and slimy and its just garbage. Now you have to go find new sod and dispose of the old. Cheap sod may also be full of weeds and once its rooted in after you plant it your yard is full of crappy looking weedy lawn. Its a good idea to buy a good quality sod without weed and fresh sod rolls.




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