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European Chafer Beetle Lawn Protection - Motion Sensor Sprinkler $99.00

Scarecrow Lawn Sprinkler

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Do you have lawn destruction from the European Chafer Beetle? Protect your lawn with our motion sensor sprinkler. The original ScareCrow motion-activated crow, skunk and racoon deterrent uses a startling but harmless burst of water to deter pests from searching for the chafer beetle in your newly installed sod or existing lawn area.

Effective alternative to harmful chemicals and unattractive netting.

Protects 1200 sq. ft. day and night, all season long.

Can link several together for larger areas.

Conserves water - just two to three cups per deterrence

Operates up to six months on single, nine-volt battery

2 Year limited Warranty

The sudden noise, movement and spray scare animals away that are in search of grubs such as the European Chafer Beetle in your lawn area.

If you just installed new sod, keep racoons, skunks, crows and other critters from rolling up or chewing up your new lawn!



This video will show you how the motion sensor sprinkler will activate when pests come searching for the european chafer beetle on your lawn.

Motion Sensor Sprinkler Prevent European Chafer Beetle Damage

How To Protect Your Lawn are from the European Chafer Beetle

The chafer beetle is a major and costly problem for Vancouver homeowners. To prevent damage to your lawn area from the crows, racoons and skunks use a detterent to keep them away from your lawn. The scarecrow motion sensor sprinkler is ideal for this purpose. To rid your lawn of European chafer beetle itself, you must apply nematodes in late July. Call BC Instant Lawns for more information on nematode applications. Chemical control measures are not available in most Vancouver area municipalities.

If you are planning to re-install a new lawn after an European Chafer Beetle infestation has occured and the crows, skunks or racoons have decimated your old lawn, we recommend the following:

- Remove at least 3-6 inches of soil material. Although the grubs will go much deeper and this process will not guarantee eradication of the beetle, having a proper new lawn sub base is important for proper growth.

- Apply Nematodes every July. As well try to include your neighbours property.

- Use a pest detterent such as a motion sensor sprinkler to keep the crows, skunks and racoons away from the european chafer beetle in your lawn area.

How Much Does the sprinkler cost?

The cost of a scare crow motion sensor sprinker unit is $99.00 and shipping costs of $12.00 plus taxes.

It will take between 7-10 days to arrive at your door by mail. If you live within the Vancouver area shipments normally arrive in a couple days.

Call: 604-454-4954 or Email: sales@bcinstantlawns or use the form on this page.

How to get the Scarecrow Motion Sensor Sprinkler to prevent damage from Crows, Skunks and Racoons in search of the European Chafer Beetle


Contact BC Instant Lawns and Landscapes by telephone or use the buy now button to pay with Paypal. Shipments will take about 7-10 days. Call 604-454-4954 or email

We accept visa and mastercard by telephone.

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The Scarecrow has literally saved our farm. The neighbourhood ravens have devastated our crops for years: they snip the tops off of garlic and uproot transplants and leave them to dry out and die. They scratch away the mulch around plants that we've spent days laying down. We rely on our farm crops to make a living, and the ravens were costing us thousands of dollars in lost sales and time. Ravens are intelligent creatures and we were at a loss as to how to keep them off our property. Traditional scarecrows don't work; netting is expensive and time-consuming. The only way we can effectively protect our farm when we're not out in the fields ourselves is with our Scarecrows. Thanks to our Scarecrows, we're once again able to enjoy a lazy Sunday breakfast or go out to a movie and relax, knowing that our crops are safe at home.

—Brock & Heather, Makaria Farm, Duncan, B.C.

Your product has been the best item I've purchased in years. Until the arrival of your ScareCrow we tried every solution to manage the problem - nothing worked. Your product literally worked overnight and got rid of the raccoons 100%!

 —Greg Hinkley

I am using mine to keep pigeons off the ground and from around the feeder. It is doing great and keeps them away 100%. As soon as they see it on the lawn they keep away. Thanks a lot.

 —John Witalec

Frequently Asked Questions about the Sprinkler

Can I adjust the sensitivity of the Sprinkler?

Yes you can with the simple turn of a knob you can keep all those critters away from your lawn area.

Does it work at night to keep the critters from ripping up my lawn?

Yes it does. It will keeps racoons away from your lawn all night long with the use of an infared sensor.

I have new sod installed, and the racooons keep rolling it up. Does this sprinlker work for this?

Absolutely yes.

Will it get rid of the European Chafer Beetle on my lawn in Vancouver?

No. You must apply nematodes to the lawn area in late July. The sprinkler will only get rid of the crows, racoons, skunks and other critters that may potentially rip up your lawn.

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