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Buy Top Soil and Sod Products From BC Instant Lawns

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Select products and services for your new lawn or landscape project. Get Prices / Buy Materials Online.

Products for Sodding a New Lawn

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Get a price quote for our many selections of sod / turf grass rolls.

Top Soil For New Lawns

Get a price quote for our turfblend top soil. Ideal for your new lawn project:

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Special Offer When Buying Sod Grass Rolls and Turf Blend Top Soil Together

Get a price instantly and order both turf blend top soil and sod grass together and save on both orders:

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Buy Landscape Materials

Get pricing and order a variety of landscape materials for your landscape project from our Landscape Material Supply Store:

New Lawn Maintenance Products and Services

If you would like to purchase any lawn maintenance items, please use the following links:

Custom Fertilizer and Overseed Packages

Premium Lawn Maintenance Services

Sod Grass Installation Service

If you do not want to do it yourself and would like your turf blend soil and sod grass installed by us, use this link to get an installation estimate online:

Installation Estimate

Landscape Installation Service

Need a complete new landscape? Fencing, Paving stone patios, Retaining Walls, Hedges, etc. We offer complete landscape and design services.